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Trainer and School Sails

Feb 7, 2010

Goya Surf in action

This category has a few variations in what they offer:


1. Trainer Sails: These are "triangle" shaped sails that are designed to catch the wind when it is very light. The foil is usually fairly "baggy" and not supported with any or very many battens. These are perfect sails for learning when the wind is light.

2. School Sails: Instructional schools need to have a variety of sails for beginner to intermediate riders and the most important thing is that all are durable so that they last a long time. The school should have "trainer" models (as described above) and also some more intermediate level rigs that perform better in a little more wind.



2010 Trainer and School Sails:

Aerotech Trainer (top) and Fun (below)

Aerotech Trainer (2.5, 3.2)

Concept: Durable affordable trainer sails.

Customer: A favorite of beginners, students, instructors, and schools around the world! The trainers are ideal for light wind areas or for smaller sailors.

Construction: The trainers feature dacron construction with durable vinyl windows. They are built tough and made to last. These sails are pinhead style and have no battens. They roll up easily on the mast to practice self-rescue or for storage. All sizes have an adjustable head and all are available in rig packages.






Aerotech Fun (4.0, 4.9)

Concept: Durable affordable trainer sails.

Customer: A favorite of beginners, students, instructors, and schools around the world! The FUN sails are the big brothers of the trainers and are best for light wind areas. These are our most popular sails for teaching adults.

Construction: These sails feature dacron construction, vinyl windows and one head batten. They are built tough and made to last. All sizes have an adjustable head and all are available in rig packages.


Aerotech Action (top) and Future (below)

Aerotech Action

Concept: An all-around camless slalom style sail with durability as its prominent focus.

Customer: Great sail for recreational sailors who are tough on equipment or who rig in less than ideal locations. A favorite of schools and rental sites.


All dacron construction with vinyl window. Built tough and made to last. We use durable tapered vinylester battens throughout this entire sail. All sizes except the 6.2 have an adjustable head.

Action specs


Aerotech Future

Concept: All new design and materials this season! A more modern look on a durable, affordable trainer sail.

Customer: These popular sails are better for teaching in windy places or for that smaller 'hot shot' sailor who doesn't weigh enough to hold down a full-sized rig.

Construction: The futures are made out of all grid monofilm and have 3 full length battens. High performance light weights will really enjoy the reduced luff curve. All sizes have an adjustable head and all are available in rig packages.

Future specs


Bic Nova

Bic Nova

The Nova sail is the ideal choice for “leisure” sailing on relatively flat water. It has been designed with pure simplicity and durability in mind, and is ideally suited to our Nova range of boards.

The sail is made from tough Dacron, is well reinforced and super hard wearing, great for intensive use.

Delivered in a very practical sail bag that includes additional pockets for storing the mast and the mast base, and the possiblity to attach the boom so that it can be carried "all in one." These articles are to be found under "related products" on the rig package page.

Nova specs


Chinook PowerGlide


Chinook Power Glide

Performance, durability, and light-weight built into one sail. Majority of X-ply material combined with Dacron is very light yet extremely durable. Endo-batten seam shaping helps to create a powerful sail that is tunable with screw-adjusting batten tensioners. Designed for demanding recreational sailors.

Sail                    Boom                 Luff

3.0 Kids              130-133             321

3.5 Kids              140-143             353

4.0 Adult             150-153             376

4.7 Adult             160-163             411

5.5 Adult             174-177             431

6.5 Adult             197-200             462

7.5 Adult             217-220             490



Ezzy Superlight

Ezzy Superlight

The Ezzy Superlite is an entry level to intermediate level sail designed to offer entry level sailors a cost effective way to get into our sport.

David Ezzy has designed this sail line using the famous materials that are found in the Infinity and Wave SE series. Spectra-X™ can be found from top to bottom. This bullet proof material is incredibly light, durable, and easy to see through.

The Superlite sail rigs up on conventional masts and booms (not provided). Your local dealer can help you locate a good boom, mast, and mast base to outfit your Superlite with.

The smaller sizes (3.0, 3.5, and 4.0) are tailored as youth sails with lower boom cuts.

Superlight specs


Goya Surf

Goya Surf

The Surf is the sail of choice for all the instructors at the windsurf schools we work with- easy to uphaul, easy to handle, with enough shape to keep all size beginners moving forward. And with it's full dacron panels, reinforced perimeter, integrated mast pad, and indestructible PVC window, it is a sail that will last for years. Lightweight and durable. Full head batten and short leech batten provide stability in light and strong winds. Adjustable head webbing allows compatibility with any RDM mast. Large viewing window provides clear and durable sight through the sail. Bright colors make the already safe SURF easy to spot on the water, and fun to look at. It's the sail we've designed to teach our own children and beginners.


-All dacron construction.

-Ever clear PVC window.

-Bright colors so you can see your sailors on the water.

Surf specs


MauiSails Inspire

MauiSails Inspire

The Inspire is for easy sailing to enhance the developing skills of the beginner and first time Sailors. The blend of softness and sufficient skin tension makes the sail calm and easy to handle. The Inspire is designed to be used within its personality, not over-powered, and is the ideal choice for Schools attracting people who are ready to learn windsurfing and grow their skill sets.

Windsurfing School Master Instructor, Tinho Dornellas, co-designed this full range of instruction oriented sails for teaching and introducing the sport to beginners.

The idea behind the Inspire is to build a soft power that is more communicative of the rig pressure to help the aspiring sailor to progress sail handling skills.

Rigging is easy with simple, durable features that increase the performance to price ratio for School owners.

Inspire specs


Naish Scout

Naish Scout SE

The Scout SE is both the ideal school sail and an excellent choice for sailing your SUP old school style. This light weight sail has a responsive shape that works great in light wind. High quality, long-lasting construction utilizing traditional dacron and PVC puts the Scout SE clearly ahead of it’s competition. Construction: 100% Dacron with PVC window Purpose: The ultimate learning tool, longboard style fun on your SUP

    * Characteristics: Easy handling, responsive in sub-planing conditions, light

    * Geometry: Classic outline, 2 Long, one short batten

Scout specs


RRD Easyride




RRD Easyride

Re-designed with slightly more luff curve and less head twist, the easy ride offers a perfect great package of balance and easy to be up-hauled type of sails that you must have in your school. Developed specifically for beginners and schools, the Easyride sail is simple and light. It features a special foot design that simplifies up-hauling and reduces friction with the board deck.


A special luff curve to minimize the effort in down-hauling and rigging, the ER sail has minimal reinforcements, in order to keep the weight as low as possible. The perfect match for Easyride S, M and L. The Easy Ride sails are also available in the Dacron version.


Easy Ride 4.0 - Boom (cms). 167 - Luff (cms): 361 Battens: 5

Easy Ride 4.5 - Boom (cms). 177 - Luff (cms): 380 Battens: 5

Easy Ride 5.0 - Boom (cms). 185 - Luff (cms): 400 Battens: 5

Easy Ride 5.5 - Boom (cms). 195 - Luff (cms): 415 Battens: 5

Easy Ride 6.0 - Boom (cms). 202 - Luff (cms): 435 Battens: 5


Severne Synergy

Severne Synergy

The Synergy line is aimed at first time windsurfers/families. What inspired you to produce the range?

Is there anything else like it out there? The reason I wanted to design the Synergy is that windsurfing is just too complicated. It's become a very high performance sport and the recreational windsurfer has been forgotten. If someone wants to take up windsurfing they need to understand a load of technical info just to buy some gear to start sailing. Everything is sold as separate components, so you need to understand what sail goes with what mast, etc. Too hard. Top end mountain bikes or skateboards are sold in component form, but all the entry-level stuff comes ready to go. But with windsurfing it's ALL component based

What is the exact thinking behind the Synergy?

The concept is that you don't have to know a lot about windsurfing to be able to firstly buy gear that all works together, and secondly to be able to set it up. All the tuning and setting of the sail is simplified, so it's just about matching all the colours on the components and pulling the ropes to the end. If you have the red sail, you set the boom to the red setting and the mast extension to the red setting and then tension the sail. All the relevant info is printed on each part of the sail, so it pretty much tells you what to do


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