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Josh Angulo comes to Aruba

Josh, great to meet you and welcome to Aruba. Congratulations on your 9th place finish in PWA Slalom on Angulo boards, your move to Point-7 sails, and especially making it through your first Boston winter. At least we made it an easy one for you!

What brings you back to Aruba?

I basically came down for some training in an environment that I knew would lend to being able to get some hours on the water and some repitition. Although we can sail in Boston right now it's not quite as user friendly as Boston ;)

What factors made you choose Aruba?  

My friends Phil, Jennifer, Max, Jake and Zee have a lovely home that they hosted me at and they are all full-on water people so they are completley tuned into what I was trying to accomplish and assisted me greatly in creating a comfortable, relaxed and supportive envornment. I also knew that there's a high level of local talent in Aruba namely in Mack and Ryan, but including plenty others that allowed for some great sparring and motivaional sessions.

How have the conditions been so far?

Cranked the whoke time I was there. Smallest sail I took was a 7.2 and I got beat up pretty bad two of the days. I really wasn't expecting that much wind. But It made me work that much harder around the buoys.

How has Vela support been so far?

Mike from Vela's super cool and laid back , but has his act together. The location is perfect and the whole team just made the whole experience and easy and fun. The boys helped set up some buoys and do some mock races. The whole vibe was full-speed and supportive. Definitely can't wait to go back and next time I'll definitely get Noah out there and I Know it's one of those spots that my wife Claudia will want to windsurf again, so it's perfrect for the whole family

What changes have you made to your slalom line for 2012?

My boards are the same as 2011. I couldn't find anything I wanted to change. I'm feeling some things that I will test for 2013, but won't make any changes until I can really figure out if it's better or not.

Josh Angulo (not photo'ed in Aruba...but on Point-7)


They look great, but what are your impressions of the Point-7 sails based on testing?

Psyched... the acceleration is exciting. I've never had that before. That's probaby the greatest confident booster for me and also the sails are locked in and don't feel like thay are maxing out on the top end. I think you can just give em more and more speed.

How is it going with the US distribution of Angulo?  Point-7 plans?  

My  windsurf distribution pretty much sucks. Probably because I've been doing it and I'm a pretty poor distributor. But I've just rethought the whole thing and just not gonna worry about numbers or volume at all. I'll work with people that are cool and have a good vibe and actively seek clients one at a time and just do my best to make them excited. I've turned my focus to the product and want to reinstill what my dad founded the business on, way back when.... quality and top designs and graphics. Now that I've pretty much stopped worrying about distribution, I am more excited than ever about just making a top-notch product and being excited about windsurfing and having fun doing it. I was missing the basic motivation for a while and glad that it's back. As far as Point 7 , I'm sure I can give them some tips based on my learning experience, but currently  2 Rad in Montreal has Point 7 sails and can send all over North America so I will just try and be a good support for them .

What would be your main suggestions for ‘Joe Average’ windsurfers to improve on slalom sailing? (other than Angulo boards and Point-7 sails!)

Gotta tune..... Easier said then done. You really need to weed out your quiver of "collected" gear and just try and whittle it down to less stuff, but good stuff that can be reasonably tuned..... and bend your knees in the jibes.... in an exagerated manner!

Josh, great to meet you, thanks for bringing a little extra excitement down here to Vela Aruba, and best of luck on the upcoming PWA season.

Posted: April 9, 2012 at 07:54 AM


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