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Aruba's Carbon Footprint

Great News for guests of Vela Aruba... they are expanding their Carbon footprint (in terms of windsurfing, NOT the enviroment).


For the first time, Vela Aruba has received special edition carbon boards designed for improved performance for our advanced windsurfers, and matched well to speed sailing, and bump and jump sailing on the Aruba Blue Highway. Carbon boards are lighter, stiffer, and livelier than their heavier constructed but more durable versions. Included in the new carbon range are:

  • Starboard iSonic: full blown racing editions used by top PWA pros. Vela has a range of 5 models from 90 liters to 127 liters. For 2012 the Isonics have been improved with more refined tail cut-outs, reduced nose thickness, slightly thinner tail, and the center of volume moved back slightly for better control at speed.
  • Starboard Kode: four new models of freestyle wave boards from 113 to 84 liters. The larger models focus around a maneuverable freeride while the smaller boards have more emphasis on maneuverable freestyle/wave performance.  For 2012 the 86, 94, and 103 are shorter with a sharper edge at the tail for improved control and acceleration. We also brought in 2012 models in the same range in wood construction.

Also, for the performance oriented sailor, the 2012 JP All Ride boards are a new addition for Vela Aruba this year.  In the pro edition Vela guests will get a higher level of performance, the 116 being an easy riding, smooth jibing speedster, migrating towards more freestyle/wave performance as we go through the 106 into the 96.

To supplement the existing 2011 Futura 141, 133, 122 models we have added 2012 Futura  111 and 101  models for the higher wind days and lighter sailors. For the big guys we brought in 2 Carve 171 boards for earlier planing performance.

Starboard GeminiReady to double up? We have a new 2012 Starboard Gemini Mark II tandem board. For our newbies we have 4 new Starboard Large boards.

We are keeping the rest of last year’s gear as it is in good shape.

Our easiest all around board is still the JP Excite Ride in sizes from 158 down to 100 liters. This is a great board for progressing, learning harness, foot straps, planing and jibing having a slightly more traditional shape.  Moving up in performance we have Starboards more advanced all arounder, the free race Starboard Futura, in sizes from 141 to 122 liters. These boards have a shorter, wider, thinner shape, plane earlier, go upwind a little better, and are faster.

Our JP Super Sports offer an easier to use slalom ride with good speed and jibing, with sizes from 136 to 100 liters. For best speed we are keeping our 2011 Starboard Isonics to supplement the new carbon 2012’s. The 127 is an amazing early planer matched with our 2012 8.7 H2s.

For higher winds/lighter sailors we have our freestyle wave Starboard Kodes in 113 to 84 and for the aspiring freestylers the Flare in 106, 98, and 86.

Don’t forget, for beginners we have a selection of Retros, Starts, and Excite Rides to make learning easy, quick, and fun.

As an alternative we still have 12 RRD SUPs for paddling, surfing, and windsurfing!

This year Vela Aruba has its best range of great boards, so unless you’re allergic to sunny days, warm water and good wind to come visit us and give our gear a try!

Posted: February 2, 2012 at 08:47 AM
By: Windsport Magazine


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