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Crowning the AWT Champions

Nov 10, 2014

All the AWT champions were honored at the Aloha Classic closing ceremony at the King Kamehameha Golf Club, so we catch up with some of our Champions and more riders.

Congratulations to Graham Ezzy for winning the Champions for Charity vote! Graham will be donating $1,000 to Mon Coeur, a charity started by Flo Jung and that he has worked with in the past year to help bring education to disadvantaged children in Africa.

Boujmaa Guilloul

AWT Severne Starboard Pro Champion, Boujmaa Guilloul:
"I am still so stoked to win the Aloha Classic! It is unbelievable! I am planing to do some AWT events next year too, depending on my budget. I did couple PWA event as well this year, but couldnt go to every one of them because of the expenses. I hope I will be doing more next year, besides my favorite traveling trips for stories for magazines! My equipment here was the same as always, I didn't change a thing to it. I have a twin fin board that I have been using for a while, maybe a little different rockerline and different construction layup; it works super well for me."

AWT 2014 Masters Champion, Ferdinando Loffreda:
"The AWT is by far the best wave riding tour! The events are on the beautiful west and east coast of the USA,  Central America and South America, which we have perfect conditions side shore side off wind with waves logo to mast high. We had a beautiful amazing waveriding week in Pacasmayo, Peru ...then we went to Mexico. Before the contest we had five good days of waveriding! The AWT and PWA together  here in Maui is the best ever! I dislocated my right shoulder the second day, but still did ok in the Pros and got second on masters! Overall AWT Pros I finished 6th and I won the Masters. Samantha Bittner is a real leader...I will follow her and try to bring more riders to the best waveriding tour in the World!"

AWT 2014 Women's Champion, Ingrid Larouche:
"I can't believe it's been 4 years of AWT already! Another great season, although this one wasn't easy for me.  I believe I had some kind of foot issue at every event I competed in!  But still such great memories for 2014, starting with Pistol River where I was barely beginning to windsurf after breaking my foot that winter.  Starting the season with a win meant a lot for me as far as getting confidence back.  Then we had Peru, where we had two big swells back to back.  I had some of my most fun windsurfing days ever there and by far most amazing port tack sailing ever for me. Baja was special this year as I got to compete in men Pro for the first time.  What a great experience!  And finally Maui, with my first PWA event! Taking part in the AWT has got me places I've always wanted to go, from Santa Cruz, to Peru, and to possibly Capo Verde this upcoming season!  The AWT venues are quite incredible condition-wise and I really enjoy traveling to those great locations with the friends I've made through this tour.  There's a lot of really cool people in windsurfing and I enjoy being part of events that brings us all together. The AWT attracts more and more amazing and talented women every year.  It's making the competition really fun and interesting and it pushes me to raise my level. I'm still learning a lot and competing challenges me to continue!"

Kevin Pritchard

AWT 2014 Pro Champion, Kevin Pritchard:
"For me the 2014 Tour was pretty awesome. I think Peru stands out in my mind as being my favorite event as we had great conditions down there. We had good size surf and wind nearly everyday so that made it super fun. Baja was great too as I always love going to Solo Sports at Punta San Carlos. To finish on top of the podium is pretty awesome. The AWT has an incredible group of sailors that rip pretty hard. I think it shows when Morgan wins the Aloha Classic this year, Levi won it last year. I can tell you we have a ton of fun and go to some awesome places that enables us to ride some pretty dang good waves and that is really what I enjoy doing the most."

2nd PWA Severne Starboard Aloha Classic, Fiona Wylde:
"The AWT is always something I look forward to. Getting together with all my friends to share waves and wind in unique places around the world is something that not everybody gets to experience. I feel fortunate for this opportunity to compete on the American Windsurfing Tour, because at the end of the day, no matter the results, I will always learn something about being a windsurfer and improving my skills. Thank you to the American Windsurfing Tour, Sam Bittner, for proving such opportunities!! Wavesailing via the AWT has changed my life and I couldn't be happier!! Thank you! Xx"
2014 overall results for Pro, Masters, Amateur, Grand Masters and Women. We will send through updated Youth results later as we are still to confirm the final standings.

AWT Pro standings

AWT Masters standings

AWT Amateur standings

AWT Grand Masters standings

AWT Women standings

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