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Quotes from Advancing Red Bull Storm Chasers

Jan 29, 2013

Author: Red Bull

Quotes directly from the lips of the top riders at the Red Bull Storm Chase...

Klaas Voget, Red Bull Storm Chase Sports Director:
"We couldn‘t have picked a more perfect storm, especially after waiting so long. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much wind or these kind of conditions in my life. The action was insane!"

Victor Fernandez, Storm Chaser (ESP):
"This is an amazing, once in-a-lifetime chance to compete with the elite of the windsurfing world in unbelievably wild storm conditions. My 3rd round heat at Hell’s Gate saved me from being knocked-out and I’m so stoked to advance. Making it to Mission 2 means I’ll hopefully get to visit more spots around the world and continue this amazing adventure."

Robby Swift, Storm Chaser (GBR):
"It was way windier than all of us expected and it was definitely the strongest wind i’ve ever sailed in. This was a great experience and I was over-the-moon to score the highest-scored jump of the event, even though I broke a board. The contest format was cool, with great variety and a nice change from the stress of a regular week-long contest, but it was all over so fast. I can’t describe how happy I am to make it through to the next Mission."

Dany Bruch, Storm Chaser (GER)
"It was definitely windier than we could’ve been imagined and the windiest conditions I’ve ever experienced – it was stormy for sure! The contest itself was a cool format with all of us being good friends and able to push and motivate each other. It was super-hard to score well - if you could land one good jump and compete a wave ride you had done well. We all had fun and appreciate having been a part of it."

Marcilio Browne, Storm Chaser (BRA):
"Considering what we were looking for it couldn’t have gone any better – it was definitely the windiest day I’ve ever sailed and definitely different to other strong wind locations we regularly sail in like Pozo in Gran Canaria, for example. For me it was a challenge as I’m used to warm water, so the cold was very different to the kind of conditions I train in daily. Now I know what to expect I can prepare for Mission 2 and can’t wait to score another storm like this somewhere on the planet."

Julien Taboulet, Storm Chaser (FRA)
"I was so happy to be selected for this first storm, plus it was important to be in Ireland in honour of Mikey Clancy. It was my first time in such strong wind – it was impossible to even waterstart sometimes. For sure we scored it big-time! I’m happy to make the cut for Mission 2 especially as it’s been such a long time since I competed, so it’s a great feeling to advance.

Thomas Traversa, Storm Chaser (FRA):
It’s hard to describe how windy it was – there was way more than I ever anticipated. I saw that everyone was about as out-of-control as me, but we all tried our best, nobody complained and the most important thing is that everyone is safe. I like the contest format a lot and I think that for Mission 2 we’ll all be more prepared, relaxed and will know what to expect. I don‘t think it could really be any windier and still possible to sail - but I have a 2.5 that I’ll take on the next one for sure!


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