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Josh Angulo joins Point-7 Sails

Mar 19, 2012

Author: Pete DeKay

The big new for Monday morning is that Josh Angulo has signed with Point-7 sails! "What the heck are Point-7 sails," you ask? They are those all black rigs you may have noticed in various PWA photos and videos posted online. To give you the full story we checked with Josh Angulo from his home in Boston and with Point-7 owner Andrea Cucchi...

Josh Angulo joins Point-7Windsport: Josh... how did you hook up with Point-7?

Josh Angulo: I've known Andrea Cucchi for quite some time both as a friend , competitor and fellow industry member. We've always gotten along great and had some fun times on tour. When he started Point 7 some years  back, I watched from the sidelines without much expectations. I continued my own path with my own preoccupations and life challenges, but always saw more advancment and heard more noise about these Point 7 guys and their black sails. Last year on tour it was clear that those guys had some of the fastest sails on the water and I believe that was a real wake up call for a lot of people, myself included. This year in February, Andrea and I started talking and getting mutually excited about working together and so I started to take a real close look at their website ( and I started really becoming a believer in that these guys really are about being leading edge, fresh and completely customer service oriented. If you get a chance to really scour the site, you will find so many tidbits and educational tools that I think are cool. Andrea has an amazing "team" vision and for somebody in my shoes, I couldn't be more blessed and excited to walk into such a motivating atmosphere.

Point-7 owner Andrea CucchiWindsport: Andrea... how does it feel to have Josh Angulo joining the Point-7 team?

Andrea Cucchi (pictured right - PWA/Carter photo): Our whole team is very excited. It's first time we are signing a big name on our brand, and we were all waiting for this moment. We wanted to ensure to have the structure ready so that we could give the best support to this signing. Josh was not a choice between other riders. We wanted Josh. We were waiting for this chance. His way of surfing and being with people really fits to our brand. He is not only a professional rider, but he has much more in his portfolio. Josh has two important world titles and we both want to work for a third one. This time it will be the slalom title. We will tune in, and go for it. There is a new atmosphere in Point-7. Most of us in the company are competing in windsurfing and it's a same way that we are pushing our business. This gives us now even more motivation and energy to bring Point-7 to the next step.

Windsport: Are you going to help bring Point-7 sails into the North American market?

Josh Angulo: I believe Point 7 already has  a plan in pace that will facilitate availability and pricing to North American customers. I  personally won't right off the bat jump 100% into an import/distribution set-up as our main focus is product development and working closely to win another World Title, this time in racing.

Sweet black sailWindsport: Have you been able to ride and get comfortable on the sails yet?

Josh Angulo: The sails are on their way to Boston right now. I've  experienced last years sails and going on the upgrades that Andrea's filled me in on, I'm 100% confident that I'm making the right move. But beyond the immediate rigs, I will immediatley become one of the  members of their development which will bring additional experience to the table in the short and long term.

Windsport: Andrea... what have been the most popular sails in the Point-7 sail range?

Andrea Cucchi: There is no real winner in our range in terms of sales. Each sail range has a very nice history and it's own continuos development also following clients needs. The first sail which became noted was the pure slalom no cam sail(AC-X). It was, I believe, the first real slalom no cam sail with no compromise performance on the market. In Italy we were winning races against cambered sails. We then developed the first AC-1, which straight away won a speed world cup event in Karphatos with Josè Bahadour infront of top PWA riders and speed sailors. Josh Angulo has a lot of experience in development. Also his latest business in having a surf centre in CapeVerde gave him a lot of special feedback from the end consumer. We have already started talking about this subject.

Windsport: Andrea... why all the black sails?

Andrea Cucchi: There are a lot of reasons. When we started with Point-7 it had just started to be in fashion to have colors on monofilms. That year there was the Americas Cup and we liked the black sails they were using. So we ordered samples of black laminates to test it out from the US. We changed it to be more shining, more anthracite...and after the first real sail in that color, we realized that black is beautiful. Our US supplier also gave us a great feedback on the material being the best against UV-rays. Even under the most tropical sun the film was not cooking like the transparent and was long lasting. It took some time to have people agree on this, as at first glance it's natural to think the opposite! Once people tried it out for themselves, they never went back.

Windsport: How do you feel about joining Team Black?

Josh Angulo: Excited, pumped and more motivated than I can remember. The whole posse there is so fresh, encouraging and moving forward in a dynamic working fashion that it can only rub off on me. I just thank God for this new and exciting time in my life and a very cool thing is these guys fully support and understand my Boston living situation and have an open mind that a professional windsurfer can live in New England and still perform at the world's elite level.

Andrea Cucchi in action (PWA/Carter photo)Windsport: Andrea... whenever I have seen anything about Point-7 it seems to be about a "team" approach, which is very cool. Can you tell us a little about the Black Team?

Andrea Cucchi: We believe in team strategy for winning. With a team it's much more fun for everyone. Motivation and competition is higher and limits are easier to break. Although, this is not only the real reason for wanting to work as a team. I'm still personally racing, and I see the difference and fun that it can be out on the water. Each rider can improve faster by having feedback from his team mates. Brainstorming on new projects, new ideas, new products is continuous. We see also a lot of young riders being lost. Talents are wasting time as they are not followed as they should be. There is no such thing in our sport as a coach and team support from the national sailing federations. So it has to be us brands that set up this for our riders, to give them the best support possible to concentrate on winning. We need to find them team sponsors and keep pushing their motivation to spending hours on the water working hard to achieve their goals. Then we take care of them for their media and visibility. We have created a lot of inside activity for our team to get them more involved. It's all pretty new, and it is still not all shown to public, but it exists. I'm sure Josh will fit perfectly to help us build this next dream we are working on. It exists in many other sports... it was existing in windsurfing, so we don’t see why it should not work again.

Thank-you Josh and Andrea for answering our questions and good luck on the tour this year!



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