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LEVEL K - Performance Kid's Boards

Feb 5, 2010

Windsurfing is EASY for kids! Don't let them get hung up on the head-games adults face making it harder for them to learn (why is it harder to learn to loop after the age of 21?).

Windsurfing brands are introducing kids specific models to help them progress event faster. Each board listed below will suit a certain style of sailing for youths, whether it be freeriding, racing, freestyle or wave. Congrats to all the brands pushing the growth of the sport in this direction!


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Bic Techno 293 One-Design

Bic Techno 293 One-design

Length:293cm, Width:79cm, Vol:205-l

An ISAF International Class board for under 17s and under 15s, the Techno 293 OD has undergone an explosion of interest in the last two years. No less than 200 young windsurfers were on the start line for latest world championships. Many countries have adopted the board as their chosen tool for bringing on young riders. The Techno 293 has rapidly become the biggest fleet in world windsurfing.

What helped the Techno 293 OD become such a successful Class Racing board was its general performance and easy control. With a high volume and moderate outline, the Techno 293 OD provides a stable platform for learning to windsurf. A daggerboard provides directional stability and makes sailing upwind a breeze. In light winds, the near 3 m length helps the board really glide through the water, making windsurfing an exciting option in sub-planing conditions. Once the wind gets up, the concave hull helps boost the board onto the plane making for great funboard sailing. Its lightweight and solid construction ensure that the performance and durability remain even after intensive use.

Competition aside, the Techno 293 OD is ideal for learning and leisure funboarding. This versatility enables clubs to reduce their overheads and equipment costs by having just one board model from learning right through to racing. With high quality fittings it really is a reliable, high performance board, comfortable in all water conditions.

The most dynamic in windsurfing. If you want to race under completely equal conditions, with affordable equipment and in a great competition atmosphere, the Techno 293 OD was designed for you!

For all the latest information and news, competition results etc. visit


Fanatic Ripper

Fanatic Ripper 102

Length:239cm, Width:69.5cm, Vol:102-l

What better start to a lifetime of windsurfing than a super-clean shape with heaps of Freeride potential? Carefully distributed volume through the outline and deck flow give a safe and stable platform for those first few steps. And for fast learners, the performance scoop rocker line shoots eager youngsters onto the plane in all but the lightest breezes. Crank the wind up, and here’s your first rocket machine for those who get a taste for speed easily.

Soft rails for first jibes and the luxurious EVA soft deck prevent knocks and bruises for an unforgettable and fun-filled experience. Several footstrap and fin placement options let the Ripper convert in seconds to a high performance freerider for adults who just refuse to grow up. Effortless control and ease of use make the Ripper a great Family board for Mums and Dads to pass on their skills to the kids.


- Compact and balanced outline

- Power-V – clean performance bottom shape

- Controlled performance scoop rocker line

- Multiple footstrap positions for all abilities

- Removable center fin - endless options for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders

- Total Soft deck – for durability and comfort
JP-Australia Young Gun Range 2010

Young Gun Wave / Young Gun Freestyle / Young Gun 85 and 115

Boards developed for the future generation with all their special needs in mind. Like reduced stance width and the distance between footstrap plugs, multiple footstrap options for youngsters of all sizes and sailing levels. All Young Gun boards work for youngsters up to 50 kilo.

Construction for all boards: EPOXY SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY Normal Finish

YOUNG GUN 115: (first board pictured)

Length:240cm, Width:70cm, Vol:115-l

Made for beginners and the young guns who want to learn all the tricks.

-Have fun from the very first minute

-Very easy to tack and jibe

-Grows together with the youngster using it

-Very stable so every youngster will be able to sail back and forth within 2 days.

YOUNG GUN 85: (second board pictured)

Length:235cm, Width:57cm, Vol:85-l

The All-In-One boards for the advanced youngsters. As soon as they have grown out of the Young Gun 114 they are ready for the 85. A small version of the Freestyle Wave boards that works for Freeride, Freestyle and Waves.

YOUNG GUN FREESTYLE: (third board pictured)

Length:224cm, Width:56.5cm, Vol:70-l

A smaller version of the new 2010 JP Freestyle boards. Radical and still easy and forgiving. They also come with the all new freestyle deck shape for super radical carving moves and unbelievable pop for sick air moves.

YOUNG GUN WAVE: (bottom board pictured)

Length:220cm, Width:50cm, Vol:55-l

This 55 liter board is an All-In-One wave board which works from Maui to South Africa and anywhere in between. For wave riding young guns of any level and small and light women.


Naish Freestyle (Wave) 75

Naish Freestyle Wave 75

Length:223cm, Width:56cm, Vol:75-l

With some of the best kids around the world on their team, Naish introduces this Freestyle and Wave capable shape for 2010. Plus it will work great for any small adult.


RRD EasyJoy

RRD TwinJoy

RRD WaveJoy

RRD EasyJoy, TwinJoy and WaveJoy

EasyJoy (Length:245cm, Width:70cm, Vol:110-l)

A kid sails and learns differently from an adult. He moves around more, has no fear and tries more things at a faster rate. Several kids who have tested the EasyJoy are now fully dedicated windsurfers after a few hours on this board!

This fully dedicated shape for kids is the key to open up their pathway to windsurfing. The Flat section of the scoop-rocker line has been extended even further to give even better NON-ACTIVE planing capacity and stable feel.



TwinJoy (Length:215cm, Width:56, Vol:65-l)

If your kid is hungry for real freestyling, put him on a twinjoy! Any talented kid would love to try this mini-shape! As the conditions get serious for a kid, the TwinJoy allows unlimited possibility of tricks and improvement.

            No “V” at all in the hull increases the planing potential and makes the board more stable and easier to get going. Super reduced rail thickness allows more potential for gybes and manoeuvres. Flat deck shape to make freestyle manoeuvres more easy, and assist the young styler in landing every move!


WaveJoy (Length:220cm, Width:52cm, Vol:55-l)

No compromise. Your kid wants to RIP! Why keep him off the water when the conditions are pumping? He can do it and if you let him try your wave board, he is going to come back and say: Everything is just too big!

            A “semigun” outline is what makes easy wave action for kids. Narrow Tail width is the key point in turning and control as speeds increase. Super reduced rail thickness to allow a better potential for gybes and manoeuvres. A real nose lift like a little surfboard, will help with control over white water and when starting to perform “off the lips”.


Starboard ProKids Flare

Starboard ProKids Quad

Starbaord ProKids Forumula Tufskin

Starboard ProKids Go

Starboard Prokids Range:

Not just boards with small stance options, the ProKids are specifically shaped and scaled down in their lengths, volumes, thicknesses and widths to match the dynamics of a sub-55kg sailor. Five models are available, covering the disciplines of racing, waveriding, freeriding and freestyling.

ProKids Flares 60 and 72

60 - Length:cm, Width:cm, Vol:60-l

72 - Length:cm, Width:cm, Vol:72-l

Since 2006, these two models have brought with them a whole new generation of young windsurfers that today have begun to take over the top places of freestyle. Many thanks and congratulations to Sarah-Quita, Kiri Thode, Amado Vrieswijk; and good luck to Bjorn Saragoza for his first year on the PWA tour this season.

(Full PVC sandwich construction.)

ProKids Quad 66

Length:cm, Width:cm, Vol:66-l

The new wave board for sub-55 kg riders. With its Quad fin set up, feel more traction, more drive and the ability to generate more speed on the wave face to close tighter turns, ride more vertical and go where you want, when you want. Tested, fine tuned and approved by Connor Baxter.

(Full PVC sandwich construction.)


ProKids Formula Tufskin

Length:cm, Width:cm, Vol:60-l

Formula Experience class legal, the ProKids Formula board is the powerful racing machine with the same performance features as a full-size racing board: powerful wide tails combined with a deep racing fin for maximum upwind angle, deep downwind angles and the earliest planing power to win races in all conditions. Visit to get experienced.

(Tufskin construction.)


ProKids GO

Length:cm, Width:cm, Vol:60-l

The ProKids GO is a dual purpose board: an accessible progressive freerider for sailors under 55kg, and a fast, exciting and maneuverable freeride board for adults. With its thin shape and extremely low volume, the board is very lively for adults riders. With its wide, stable width, multiple footstrap options and with a centre fin box option, the board has all the features needed to help kids progress and freeride their way to the highest levels.

(Tufskin construction and a full EVA soft deck.)


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