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LEVEL 4 - Pro Slalom

Feb 5, 2010

Here are the boards used by the pro men and women on the PWA Slalom Tour. You need to know what you are doing and be a very competent sailor to have fun on these shapes.

If you are a good recreational windsurfer who loves speed and blasting past your buddies then you may actually be faster on a "Freeride Fast" board instead.


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Exocet WarpSL

Exocet Warp SL 50, 56, 61, 66, 71 and 78

50 - Length:235cm, Width:50cm, Vol:68-l

56 - Length:235cm, Width:56cm, Vol:82-l

61 - Length:238cm, Width:61cm, Vol:94-l

66 - Length:243cm, Width:66cm, Vol:105-l

71 - Length:245cm, Width:71cm, Vol:118-l

78 - Length:247cm, Width:78cm, Vol:129-l

As always we are prizing comfort and control to aid top speed and maneuverability.
The triple level ergonomic power pads allow you additional grip and power when needed in heavy and critical conditions. In light wind you will have the advantage of having a perfect straight stand creating more lift while in strong wind the board remains extremely comfortable even in very rough and "unmanageable" situations.

Exocet Warp SL WEBSITE


Fanatic Falcon

Fanatic Falcon SL 86, 102, 112, 122, 133 and 145

86 - Length:240cm, Width:58cm, Vol:86-l

102 - Length:235cm, Width:63cm, Vol:102-l

112 - Length:235cm, Width:69cm, Vol:112-l

122 - Length:230cm, Width:75cm, Vol:122-l

133 - Length:230cm, Width:79cm, Vol:133-l

145 - Length:230cm, Width:85cm, Vol:145-l

Fanatic were first to throw the trend of super-wide boards out of the window with a return to sleeker and more manageable shapes. This season we’ve created six hot models with a range of racy body shapes, and a supersonic missile for those brave enough to dare. Sebastian’s stretched the outlines of the smaller, high-wind sizes and reduced the length of the light wind styles for minimum drag and max lift.

Subtle reductions in the double concaves have made major changes to control and turning. We’ve also straightened the outline between the feet and slimed-down tail widths for low friction jibing control. The Falcon Speed comes in Carbon Sandwich Light construction, and all six no-compromise slalom models – in 86, 102, 112, 122, 133 and 145 litre sizes - come in Biax Carbon Sandwich Light.

Key Features:

- Straight outline between the straps

- Drawn in 75° pintail for lower drag and easy jibing

- Straighter outline and thinner rails between straps for better comfort and carving

- Softer rails towards the nose for cutting through chop and turning

- Open V in the tail for max release

- Proven CADS-engineered rocker line

- New sizes to fit all riders and Slalom 63 format

- Reduced double concaves – balanced for manoeuvres rough water

- Equal Volume distribution

- Compact Design Concept (CDC)


JP-Australia Slalom

JP Slalom VI 56, 65 and 76 – 59, 68 and 82

56 - Length:235cm, Width:56cm, Vol:81-l

65- Length:235cm, Width:65cm, Vol:101-l

76 - Length:235cm, Width:76cm, Vol:121-l


59 - Length:235cm, Width:59cm, Vol:92-l

68 - Length:235cm, Width:68cm, Vol:112-l

82 - Length:235cm, Width:82cm, Vol:132-l

3 FOR 1:

3 board sizes to choose from - per rider

* 56, 65, 76 for Small, Medium and Large Riders

* 59, 68, 82 for XLarge, XXLarge and XXXLarge Riders

 JP and Antoine revolutionize Slalom sailing by introducing an all new 2 Slalom board line concept with only 3 boards per line.

With his Werner Gnigler shaped Generation V JP Slalom boards Antoine has dominated the Slalom discipline in 2009 like never before: He had won 6 out of 7 PWA Slalom events. After only 5 events he had done enough to secure his Slalom title for 2009. Antoine managed to win these events in a huge wind spectrum from absolutely nuclear winds in Pozo, Gran Canaria to really light and gusty winds in Korea.

Micah Buzianis who developed the Generation V Slalom boards together with Werner, finished in 4th position overall, even though he missed the first event of the year in Austria due to a broken leg.

In 2009 the PWA started the new 63 Format for Slalom. 63 means that riders need to register 3 production boards (and 6 sails) at the first event of the year and they are only allowed to use those 3 boards for the whole tour.

Werner started to work with Micah Buzianis, Robby Swift, Enes Yýlmazer (2008 and 2009 Youth World Campion), and Antoine on the Slalom Generation VI already in March 2009.

Very soon it was clear that the two big guys (Antoine 186cm, 100kg and Micah 188cm 99kg) need completely different boards to the two smaller guys (Robby 176cm, 84kg and Enes 181cm, 80kg).

This was kind of an eye opener to the whole JP crew as it became clear that it was easily possible to provide the perfect 3 sizes for every rider with only six boards.

This will obviously also make it much easier for national racers and people who simply enjoy sailing on Slalom gear to choose the perfect JP board(s) for themselves as they only need to choose between 3 boards.

While other brands offer up to 9 Slalom board sizes and some of them even in two technologies (how do you know which one is right for you?) JP now offers 3 board sizes per rider size.

All you need to know is your personal measurements and which sail sizes you are using.

Naish SP

SP Ltd 80, 95, 110, 128 and 135

80 - Length:231cm, Width:56cm, Vol:80-l

95 - Length:241cm, Width:59cm, Vol:95-l

110 - Length:241cm, Width:65cm, Vol:110-l

128 - Length:245cm, Width:76cm, Vol:128-l

135 - Length:250cm, Width:82cm, Vol:135-l

Based on the philosophy that only a board that is easy to control can ultimately go fast, the Naish SP Ltd. delivers blistering speed yet rides nearly effortlessly, even in rough water, shaped by renowned slalom expert Richard Greene, the designs combine a top speed oriented rockerline, tail cut-outs that facilitate top speed due to the decreased surface area, and a shape flow that results in unbelievably easy jibing. The ultra lightweight Technora sandwich construction adds responsiveness and lightning quick acceleration, making these boards the ultimate choice for both serious racers and weekend warriors who want the best slalom board on the market.


RRD X-Fire

X-Fire Ltd V2 80, 90, 102, 112, 122 and 135

80 - Length:235cm, Width:54cm, Vol:80-l

90 - Length:240cm, Width:59cm, Vol:90-l

102 - Length:235cm, Width:65cm, Vol:102-l

112 - Length:235cm, Width:69.5cm, Vol:112-l

122 - Length:230cm, Width:77cm, Vol:122-l

135 - Length:230cm, Width:85cm, Vol:135-l

The 2010 X-Fire slalom board range is a selection of no-compromise racing machines designed for one purpose in mind - winning. A strong development effort between the RRD team in Italy and vice-slalom world champion/speed world champion Finian Maynard and his testing partner Tine Slabe has yielded clear improvements from the 09 generation in every size. More than 15-years of racing experience is directly incorporated into this new range keeping every aspect in mind in terms of creating a complete product. These boards will please even the most critical customer through their ease-of-use, stability, acceleration and blistering top-end speed. All new designs for the 80, 102, 120 and 135, alongside improved versions of the already very successful 90 and 112, will be the market leading brand for the upcoming season in the high-performance category. You must try and then you will believe from the performance on the water. RRD is once again ready to challenge for the top rankings.

            Every board has different size. Wide and short outline on the 135 and narrower and longer on the 90 and 80. Proportionally related scooprocker lines in order to create a perfect balanced racing machine. All new designs for the 80, 102, 120 and 135 with improved scoop-rocker lines along with a new vee-to-flat release concept makes this new shape faster and in more control than the 09 generation. Real thoroughbred racing machines for the experts and great high-performance boards for the advanced-intermediate sailors.

Technology: Custom made full herex 75 sandwich top and bottom with Biaxial Carbon deck custom made lamination.


Starboard iSonic

iSonic 86 Slim, 86, 94, 101, 111, 121, 131, 144 and 150

86 Slim - Length:243cm, Width:56.5cm, Vol:81-l

86 - Length:243cm, Width:56.5cm, Vol:86-l

94 - Length:236cm, Width:60cm, Vol:94-l

101 - Length:234cm, Width:63.5cm, Vol:101-l

111 - Length:235cm, Width:68.5cm, Vol:111-l

121 - Length:232cm, Width:75cm, Vol:121-l

131 - Length:223cm, Width:85cm, Vol:131-l

144 - Length:225cm, Width:85cm, Vol:144-l

150 - Length:228cm, Width:93.5cm, Vol:150-l

What's new for 2010?

Rails with a harder release edge in the back half of the board for the iSonic 101, 111, 121 and 131: for a cleaner water release as the board accelerates on to the plane, accelerates out of a jibe or accelerates to top speed in a gust, and for a wider wetted surface area, therefore increasing the aspect-ratio of the planing surface which adds to the board's efficiency. More lift + less drag = more speed. The net result: quicker acceleration, a faster top end speed and a higher average speed.

New cutaway shapes for the iSonic 101, 111, 121 and 131: 9 variations of the cut-away shapes were tested to find a new design that increases the efficiency of the planing surface further. The new shape reduces the wetted surface while maintaining the width of the tail, therefore reducing drag without loss of lift, leverage or stability. The result: a higher top end speed.

What stays for 2010? The double winger concept, the deep deck concave, the side cuts in the tail, the low-nose concept and the wide-tail designs remain for 2010.

The iSonic 86 Slim and the new iSonic 94

The iSonic 94 is an all new shape designed as a smaller version of the 101. Slightly more 'compact and wide-style' for a slalom board, the board's wind range and efficiency ratio is now much higher, giving the top end and high wind performance greater than that of the outgoing 94 yet with more bottom end and larger sail carrying capability.

The iSonic 86 Slim is an all new shape identical to the iSonic 86 but with a thinner profile. 5 litres smaller, it offers much more control and comfort in high winds and rough conditions, especially for lighter riders. With the same bottom hull shape as the 86, the slim offers the same top speed, acceleration and bottom end. A new and unique concept and a great choice for those who don't need the extra 5 litres.


Tabou Manta

Tabou Manta 49, 54, 59, 65, 69, 75, 79 and 85

49 - L:222cm, W:49cm, Vol:63-l

54 - L:237cm, W:54cm, Vol:74-l

59 - L:233cm, W:59cm, Vol:86-l

65 - L:233cm, W:65cm, Vol:100-l

69 - L:233cm, W:69cm, Vol:110-l

75 - L:233cm, W:75cm, Vol:115-l

79 - L:233cm, W:79cm, Vol:125-l

85 - L:233cm, W:85cm, Vol:135-l

If you want to pass your buddies, get on the magazine test winning Manta boards. Not only are they fast, they have great top end control, instant acceleration and everything else. A perfect freerace machine. If you want to win contests, look no further than this proven PWA winner. Ross Williams put himself in first place at the inaugural PWA event of the season- The Manta boards have proven themselves time and time again. Try one today!


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