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LEVEL 4 - Longboard Racing (Pro & Amateur)

Feb 5, 2010

If you love the "longboard" then there is definitely something here for you!

  • Both Bic models are easy to use and race around any course in any wind
  • The Kona is a growing class that is fun, easy and will never be skunked
  • Get an RS:X if you want to see the Olympics in your future
  • The Starboard Phantoms are the truest racing longboard shapes—they are awesome machines!


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Bic Hybrid

Bic Hybrid One Design

Length:308cm, Width:82cm, Vol:240-l

Youngsters under 17 years of age all race on the Techno 293 OD, as a progression towards the elite level racing on the Olympic board. However, in between these boards there has been a need for a new, efficient and affordable board on which youngsters can continue to race after they reach the age of 17. BIC Sport’s Hybrid arose out of this need and is officially recognised by the French Sailing Federation. The Hybrid is designed to be fast from 5 to 30 knots, and with its performances it is now teasing international racing organisations. In addition, the BIC Sport Hybrid is not only a raceboard for youngsters ! It is also an all round and easy-to-use funboard for windsurfers of all ages and experience levels. There’s lots of international interest in the Hybrid at present, where it’s rapidly taken the place of old-school race boards. The BIC Hybrid has already won two World Junior Raceboard Championships, at Marsala in 2006, Formentera in 2007 and Sopot in 2008.


Bic Techno 293 One-Design

Bic Techno 293 One-design

Length:293cm, Width:79cm, Vol:205-l

What helped the Techno 293 OD become such a successful Class Racing board was its general performance and easy control. With a high volume and moderate outline, the Techno 293 OD provides a stable platform for learning to windsurf. A daggerboard provides directional stability and makes sailing upwind a breeze. In light winds, the near 3 m length helps the board really glide through the water, making windsurfing an exciting option in sub-planing conditions. Once the wind gets up, the concave hull helps boost the board onto the plane making for great funboard sailing. Its lightweight and solid construction ensure that the performance and durability remain even after intensive use.

Competition aside, the Techno 293 OD is ideal for learning and leisure funboarding. This versatility enables clubs to reduce their overheads and equipment costs by having just one board model from learning right through to racing. With high quality fittings it really is a reliable, high performance board, comfortable in all water conditions.

An ISAF International Class board for under 17s and under 15s, the Techno 293 OD has undergone an explosion of interest in the last two years. No less than 200 young windsurfers were on the start line for latest world championships. Many countries have adopted the board as their chosen tool for bringing on young riders. The Techno 293 has rapidly become the biggest fleet in world windsurfing.

For all the latest information and news, competition results etc. visit

Kona One

Kona One

Length:350cm, Width:70cm, Vol:220-l

The instant success of this first and very unique breed of the new longboard generation speaks for itself; since it was introduced, the Kona One has gone from a concept to a recognized direction in the windsurfing world. Due to its unique versatility and user-friendliness, it has grown to be a serious one-design racing class in record time.

Kona Website

Neil Pryde RS:X

Neil Pryde RS:X

Length:286cm, Width:93cm, Vol:220-l

London calling. It’s little wonder our obsession with windsurfing has led to our selection as official supplier to the Olympic games. In return, we’ve distilled everything we’ve learned in this sport and applied it to one class of rig now identified the world over as RS:X. To ride this sail is to be one step closer to the dais. RS:X is engineered in the same headspace as the RS:Racing EVOII and RS:Slalom MKIII sails - as light as possible, and as fast as impossible. Although substantial in volume at 8.5 and 9.5m, RS:X is built for an extraordinary wind range; from 3-30 knots, and it can be comfortably handled by even the lightest riders. The RS:X class has a proprietary NeilPryde mast, boom, board and extensions - ensuring a consistent and complete performance. RS:X: The equipment is standard, it’s the rider that makes the difference.


Starboard Phantom Race

Starboard Phantom Race 320 and 380

320 - Length:320cm, Width:70cm, Vol:TBA

380 - Length:380cm, Width:70cm, Vol:303-l

The new Phantom Race 380: the reigning World Raceboard Champion and UK Raceboard Champion. Designed by Raceboard World Champion Mariano Reutemann, Remi Vila and Svein Rasmussen, the shape features five new key design elements:

- A lower nose rocker combined with extra nose vee allows the board to glide faster in lightwinds for improved light-wind performance. This lower nose rocker also gives the board greater speed in medium to high winds as the board crosses chop at a more efficient angle of attack. Faster in lightwinds and faster in high winds.

- The deck shape features heel extensions that increase the rider's leverage over the daggerboard and fin. Extra leverage = extra power and extra upwind angle.

New Construction: The new 2009 Phantom Race 380 is built deck and bottom in full PVC sandwich and unidirectional 80g carbon. Flat-weaved and unidirectional, the UD80 carbon fiber is the most efficient fiber ever used in the construction of a windsurf board, weighing a mere 80g per square meter and providing extremely high stiffness.

A new oversized side-plate holds a new, more powerful 78cm daggerboard, spreading the load evenly and ensuring total reliability, durability and functionality.

Phantom Race 320: The new Phantom Race 320: the compact version of the 380. A totally new design concept that started with the 380 shortened down to 320. The rocker, the nose vee, the daggerboard and mast track positions were adjusted to match the new length. Super-sized 2cm high heel extensions were added to the deck to maximize the sailor's leverage when railing upwind. Competitive in the 380 class and by far the most advanced board in the 320 class.

Available in Tufskin and in PVC Carbon, the Phantom Race 320 is the new gem in the family.


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