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LEVEL 4 - Freestyle

Feb 5, 2010

From years of testing boards classified with a "Freestyle" label we have determined that these board serve two diverse yet important markets:

1. Aerial Tricksters looking to learn Vulcans, Spocks, Flakas and any other flatwater sliding moves

2. Freeriders sailing in choppy conditions will find that the more controlled ride and centred footstraps will maximize fun all day long!


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Exocet iStyle

Exocet I-Style II 101

CATEGORY: Freestyle

Length:235cm, Width:62cm, Vol:101-l

Light and luxurious, the I-Style's low end grunt and lightening fast rocker line get you fired up and instantly into action. Featherweight control and response, and the unique rail bevels create loads of power. This pure freestyle concept takes the rough with the smooth.



Fanatic Skate

Fanatic Skate 90, 100 and 110

CATEGORY: Freestyle

90 - Length:232cm, Width:60cm, Vol:90-l

100 - Length:235cm, Width:63.5cm, Vol:100-l

110 - Length:237cm, Width:66.5cm, Vol:110-l

The Freestyle world gets more twisted by the day. And as fast as 2 x Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo and Fanatic’s hottest new talent Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne come up with new tricks, our shaper Sebastian Wenzel matches their skills with design. In fact Sebastian’s never pushed his CAD Software to the max like now. Thanks to Gollito, Brawzinho and Andre Paskowski’s input, the Skate line’s leapt into a new dimension born of generations of global test winners. A big part of the Skates’ cutting edge success is its total ease of use.

For Freestyle newbies and champions alike it’s fast-planing and simple to ride. The three shapes in the all-new line-up include 100 and 110-litre sizes, plus a 90-litre model for high winds and lighter sailors in Team Edition only. The standard 100 and 110 construction is a lightweight Biax Glass construction with light finish - for the best value weight, durability and price combo.

All three Team Edition styles feature featherweight Carbon Kevlar deck and Biax Carbon bottom construction. Put simply, they’re the lightest and stiffest high-performance Freestylers we’ve ever made!

Key Developments:

- Rounder nose and slight increase of outline width

- Thinner rails between the feet for improved carving freestyle manoeuvres

- Fuller and softer rails in the nose for catch-free sliding


Goya X1

Goya X1 105 and 115

CATEGORY: Freestyle

105 - Length:239cm, Width:65cm, Vol:105-l

115 - Length:237cm, Width:68cm, Vol:115-l

This is not any regular board - it is an Airborne Board, exclusively designed for the next generation of freestyle moves and movers. The new shorter shape combines extreme power up air moves with the full rail carving capabilities.

Limited Edition PVC is our most advanced construction combining light weight and durability into one lay-up. The worldwide, year round R&D from our team and customers is what allow us to improve constantly. The result is the lightest weights with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Limited Edition PVC models come in unique colors per model and feature a lightly sanded finish.


The design also features an increased tail volume and bevel for reverse sliding tricks as well as an extended flat section on the front of the deck of the board for a quicker reaction on the moves. The longer flat CNC milled rocker section comes close to our freerace line, focusing on early planning and top end speed. The gradual nose rocker has also been reduced for control and easiness while switching from tail to nose glides.

Who said flatwater was boring anyway - when you hardly ever touch it? The air is yours! The 105 and 115 liter boards are build with our lightest and strongest construction to date, adding all the pop and glue to your feet sensation you need to explore your potential.

ACCESSORIES: The all new MFC™ straps are extremely comfortable, with a thick and high quality neoprene and a soft inner sole.

FIN: New construction, new outline, new sizes going as small as 16cm, this is the new MFC FREEESTYLE PRO. The outline has a narrow cord and the surface is very small allowing your board to perform all the new double moves on tour. The prepreg construction makes for a very light fin compared to the rest of the materials on the market; this will keep the tail of your board very light under your feet and easy to lift for your freestyle moves. The fin focus is Freestyle.

RSB: Most contemporary Freestyle Moves incorporate Reverse Sliding, and this finely tuned bevel makes it easier for you. And that holds true whether it’s a Volcan or an Air Funnel you aspire.

RNR: Switching from tail to nose glides is an ease with the flatter nose rocker and overall shorter and rounder nose of th 2010 X1.


JP-Australia Freestyle

JP Freestyle 89, 98 and 107

CATEGORY: Freestyle

89 - Length:232cm, Width:60cm, Vol:89-l

98 - Length:237cm, Width:64cm, Vol:98-l

107 - Length:239cm, Width:67.5cm, Vol:107-l

Following a change in the PWA rules where judges now concentrate on the biggest, most radical moves, board design had to follow, allowing the rider instant pop off the water for pulling the most radical tricks possible.

Even top riders demand forgiving boards. A move might be radical but you still have to land it! That is the reason why we focus heavily on boards that are easy to sail all of the time and radical when you need them to be.

SHAPE: The all new Ergo Deck positions your heel lower than your forefoot offering more feeling and sensitivity underfoot. The rider can instantly transfer his whole body weight from one rail to the other. This also results into extra pop and carving abilities. The board just explodes into the air in any direction you want, making fast powerful high altitude freestyle so much easier and stylish.

Speed is a very important factor in making moves look hot and radical as well as for creating new moves, that’s why we added a bit of rocker for better release and more speed throughout. The more speed a rider takes into a move the more powerful and impressive it looks, especially when you finish the move still planing. You just power right through it with ease...

A slightly narrower tail helps to carve the board more radically and helps for a smoother transfer of momentum into the maneuver. Aerial rotation in big moves has been made a lot easier as a result.

Acceleration and early planing is still one of the most important criteria. Therefore we flattened the mid section of the boards.

We adjusted the fin size, making them shorter in general, this makes sliding easier. The adjusted profiles still create enough lift for maximum early planing ability.

PRO EDITION in Carbon Kevlar, Biax Carbon Technology with G10 fins. Super Limited Silver Finish. FULL WOOD SANDWICH Technology with Limited Finish.

SUMMARY: Antxon Otaegui who won the 2008 European Freestyle Pro Tour and the last PWA event in Sylt on last year’s production boards had the following to say about them: “They are great, they plan as early as last year and the change on the deck makes them more alive for maneuvers, still being easy boards to ride. They rock!


Naish Freestyle

Naish Freestyle 75, 90, 100 and 110

CATEGORY: Freestyle

75 - Length:223cm, Width:56cm, Vol:75-l

90 - Length:240cm, Width:62cm, Vol:90-l

100 - Length:232cm, Width:63cm, Vol:100-l

110 - Length:237cm, Width:68cm, Vol:1-l

The Naish Freestyle is the ultimate trick board for both serious competition and just making the most of flat water conditions.

The board features early planing, incredible acceleration, and a deck geometry that is ideal for modern skate style maneuvers as well as the perfect platform for riders exploring freestyle for the first time, offered in four sizes so that riders can match the board to their weight and local conditions.


Quatro Freestyle Wave

Quatro Freestyle Wave 75, 85, 95 and 105

CATEGORY: Freestyle Wave (aka Crossover)

75 - Length:236cm, Width:56cm, Vol:75-l

85 - Length:238cm, Width:58.5cm, Vol:85-l

95 - Length:240cm, Width:61cm, Vol:95-l

105 - Length:242cm, Width:64cm, Vol:105-l

The Freestyle Wave is a more floaty variant of our wave shapes that is geared towards airtime moves, fast acceleration and is not shy of revese sliding.

PRO TEAM EDITION CONSTRUCTION: From our Pro riders and testing grounds on Maui and around world, together with our experienced craftsmanship we were able to achieve the most impact resistant, high-end construction board. Working with most advanced materials in our industry today PVC double Sandwich Technology, PVC, Wood and Glass Stringers combined with technical Biaxial Glass and Carbon Lay ups, these boards are the ultimate in light weight and extreme durability.

PREMIUM WOOD SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION: Our board building experience has led us to the strongest and most lightweight materials available. With these materials we are able to achieve a strong construction while keeping the weight on the light side giving our riders the best of both worlds. Using both PVC and Wood Sandwich in a strong lay up schedule, these boards are very durable and impact resistant. Tested and proven in the most extreme conditions of Maui and all over the world.


RRD Twintip

RRD Twintip 88, 100 and 109

CATEGORY: Freestyle

88 - Length:233cm, Width:62cm, Vol:88-l

100 - Length:233cm, Width:64cm, Vol:100-l

109 - Length:233cm, Width:67cm, Vol:109-l

We know that in this segment of the market we need to come out with a new line of boards every season, so for 2010 we have three completely new shapes. We designed the boards along the needs and of our International Freestyle Team…

Three completely new shapes, we introduced a new hull design that has slightly more V throughout the all length, and little bit flatter rocker in the back, in order to increase the planing capacity. At the same time we have changed also the outline, which is slightly narrower in the tail as well as in the front, to have a more compact board with basically more volume in the tail and the nose area. At the same time we have more middle point flatness in the deck to achieve better floatation and better volume distribution, since especially for double manoeuvres the board needs to pivot around the mast track area. The deck also features a new deep recess from the front foot towards the back foot, which allows the front foot to be little more in an angle so can press a little bit better on the rail of the board. 2010 TwinTip boards will feature US box in all the sizes, since we have felt that is very important for high performance racers to be able to move the fin back of forward in order to improve the planing capacity or to improve the grip and slow down the planing capacity, so the US box is the only systems that allows to do that properly.

Technology: Custom Made Herex 100 sandwich with Carbon Kevlar® clear vision white pigmented epoxy deck custom made lamination.


Starboard Flare

Starboard Flare 88, 98 and 106

CATEGORY: Freestyle

88 - Length:239cm, Width:60cm, Vol:88-l

98 - Length:238cm, Width:63cm, Vol:98-l

106 - Length:239cm, Width:65cm, Vol:106-l

The Flare 88, 98 and 106 have a new rockerline that are evolutions over the DFC rockers (Dual Flat Concept). Derived from the Kodes, these new rockerlines have 3mm more kick and a smoother flat to flat transition, giving more pop with a more lively ride and a quicker response to the riders input.

Any other shape changes? The Flare 98 also has its nose vee reduced to improve on rotational slides and a finbox positioned further back.

The Flare 88 gains some extra tail volume with heel gutters that are shallower: more float with more forgiveness to finish off moves and more tolerance to different feet sizes. The nose has been thinned down to minimize the board's moment of inertia and increase the board's responsiveness. With the thinner nose, the board's centre of gravity shifts back, closer to the rider's feet, for a more natural balance. The fin box is also positioned further back.

Other features: Starboard's trademark freestyle feature remains the heel gutters. They provide an exaggerated deck dome for more comfort and more grip. The tail shapes of all Flares pack some extra volume for more float and tolerance during reverse and sliding transitions. The back footstraps use four screws instead of the conventional two screws for extra strength and a mechanically twist-free function.

Why does Starboard supply the Crossover fins with the Flares? Freestyle, like wave sailing and slalom racing, is very sensitive to fin selection. Advanced riders and professional riders know exactly the fin they like, and they will be very specific about the style and size they want. They often also have their own quiver of fins. The stock fins supplied with the boards were therefore selected for the average rider in mind: planing performance, speed, grip and maneuverability become the key parameters.


Tabou Twister

Tabou Twister 80, 90, 100 and 107

80 - L:cm, W:cm, Vol:80-l

90 - L:cm, W:cm, Vol:90-l

100 - L:cm, W:cm, Vol:100-l

107 - L:cm, W:cm, Vol:107-l (107 is not a twin-fin design)

Once again, Tabou leads the way down a new road for freestylers… Tabou Twin Fin Freestyle Technology. A new revolution that will set new standards in the world of tricks! Get planning more quickly, get up wind faster and impress the judges with all the spin moves you can think of.



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