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LEVEL 4 - Freeride Flatwater Easy

Feb 5, 2010

These are the boards that most windsurfers need. They exhibit all the traits that are needed to maximize the most important element of our sport: FUN. Here is what all offer:

  •  a easier and more controlled ride when the footstraps are placed in the inboard settings
  •  enough speed to give you a rush... and even more speed if you move the footstraps outboard and use a bigger fin
  • all are available in a more user-friendly, more durable and cheaper "REGULAR" construction (and some can be purchased in a higher performance "LTD," "Limited" or "Team Edition" but these are more slightly difficult to sail).
  • higher volume models will be better suited to flatwater conditions
  • pick a board that suits your ability and weight (Note: this is difficult to declare as it will vary between each sailor)

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Bic Core

Bic Core 293D, 160D, 148 and 133

The Core series is aimed at windsurfers looking for good value at a good price. They come with a fun guarantee, backed up by years of windsurf experience. These boards have proven their worth in all sorts of conditions and their versatility has been well noted in all the magazine tests. Made from Thermoformed Glass Composite, they've got great stiffness and even better resistance to knocks. The fittings have likewise been selected for their excellent value for money.

Core 293D: (Length:293cm, Width:79cm, Vol:205-l)

Big volume and a daggerboard for extra stability, the Core 293 D is the ideal board for complete beginners in all conditions. In stronger winds it’s a great funboard, for learning to plane, jibe and use thefootstraps.

Core 160D: (Length:255cm, Width:82cm, Vol:160-l)

Great fun, very fast up to planing and strong in light winds, the Core 160 is the perfect board for all sizes and levels of windsurfer looking to progress to a more sporty riding style. It now has a daggerboard.

Core 148: (Length:264cm, Width:75cm, Vol:148-l)

It’s the ideal choice for riders looking to buy their first board that will enable them to improve their speed, their jibing, and have fun in light to moderate winds. Strong and excellent value-for-money, it’s become a benchmark freeride board.

Core 133: (Length:250cm, Width:70cm, Vol:133-l)

On a Core 133, you can go very fast, very easily, in all kinds of conditions, and experience the real thrill board riding. Helps you raise your level of medium to strong wind funboarding. So versatile that it could easily become the only freeride board in your quiver.


Bic Techno

Bic Techno 133, 148 and 160

This legendary range is part of the history of funboarding, boards that are easy to ride, fast and versatile. The Techno 283 was the first of the new generation of wide boards. Since then, the Techno series has shown its supremacy in all types of water conditions and won much public appreciation : from the most demanding of racers (Techno 293OD) to lovers of long distance racing and cruising (HiHo)… not forgetting funboard clubs the world over and the most hardcore of funboard riders, they’ve all loved the boards’ performance, strength, stiffness and light weight, matched by the quality of the fittings. The whole Techno series is now accepted as the benchmark in their individual categories.

Techno 133: (Length:250cm, Width:70cm, Vol:133-l)

On a Techno 133 you can go fast, very fast, very easily. In all kinds of conditions and always with great sensations. At the same time, you can enjoy funboard riding in medium to strong winds. So versatile that it could easily become the only freeride board in your quiver.

Techno 148: (Length:264cm, Width:75cm, Vol:148-l)

 This legendary range is part of the history of funboarding, boards that are easy to ride, fast and versatile. The Techno 283 was the first of the new generation of wide boards. Since then, the Techno series has shown its supremacy in all types of water conditions and won much public appreciation : from the most demanding of racers (Techno 293OD) to lovers of long distance racing and cruising (Hi Ho)… not forgetting funboard clubs the world over and the most hardcore of funboard riders, they’ve all loved the boards’ performance, strength, stiffness and light weight, matched by the quality of the fittings. The whole Techno series is now accepted as the benchmark in their individual categories.

Techno 160: (Length:255cm, Width:82cm, Vol:160-l)

 Great fun, specially fast up to planing and strong in light winds, the Techno 160 is the ideal board for any size and level of windsurfer looking to progress to a more sporting level.


Exocet Nano II

Exocet Nano 125 and 155

Take the fast track to advanced windsurfing. The Nano copes effortlessly with all conditions, and is the ideal planing platform for progression. Early planing, stability and superb maneuverability equals the expressway to success.

125 - Length:250cm, Width:67cm, Vol:125-l

155 - Length:255cm, Width:77cm, Vol:155-l

FEATURES: thin rails for ultimate maneuverability; super comfortable footstraps, doom deck shape for planning efficiency; ASA Construction for maximum durability at minimum cost


Exocet Sting

Exocet Sting 114, 124, 134 and 148

114 - Length:245cm, Width:68cm, Vol:114-l

124 - Length:247cm, Width:73cm, Vol:124-l

134 - Length:250cm, Width:78cm, Vol:134-l

148 - Length:259cm, Width:85cm, Vol:148-l

The Sting is the latest concept for sailors looking for a very fast freeride slalom board.

The wood model is delivered with the top of the line fin from select and the performance is simply outstanding in terms of speed and control.

The Duratech technology is also very well suited for all purpose conditions and with a price point issue. Certainly a new reference on the market.

The R&D of that board shadows the now famous Warp SL "Black machine."

Try it out and you'll love it.



Fanatic Shark

Fanatic Shark 100, 115, 125, 135, 150 and 165

165: Length:255cm, Width:83cm, Vol:165-l

150: Length:250cm, Width:78cm, Vol:150-l

135: Length:245cm, Width:73cm, Vol:135-l

125: Length:249cm, Width:69cm, Vol:125-l

115: Length:247cm, Width:66cm, Vol:115-l

100: Length:245cm, Width:63cm, Vol:100-l

To streamline the range we morphed the high-performance Freeride Eagle line into our cutting-edge pack of Sharks. The Shark’s finely CAD-tuned scoop rocker lines deliver performance and comfort. The compact and balanced outline, with wider center and narrower tail shapes supported by our CAD Logical Volume Flow, guarantees control and comfort in any conditions. Smooth rails carve through chop like powder for satisfying jibing sensations, and a clean Power-V bottom shape ensures swift water release for outstanding speed and turnability.

The three smallest sizes 100, 115 and 125 descend from the Eagle. These three global test-winners now feature high-resistance ‘Shark-Skin’. All sizes are available in unbeatable value High Resistance Skin (HRS) that’s perfect for everyday use. The larger 135 and 150 are also offered in the new, improved Carbon Sandwich LTD Edition, with light finish and a G10 fin.

Key Developments:

- Much shorter and wider compact outlines

- Reduced area 80° pintail for less drag, improved speed and turning control

- Fuller front rails for a forgiving ride and smooth jibing. Thinner rails in the tail for tight turns and grip

- Higher rocker for amplified control

- Increased V for release and carving ability

- Increased double concave for cutting through the chop on max power

- Domed deck for comfort and ultimate footsteering feel

 Fanatic Website

Goya FXR

Goya FXR 125 and 145

125 - Length:238cm, Width:57cm, Vol:125-l

145 - Length:240cm, Width:59cm, Vol:145-l

A lively and fast freeride board. A lively and fast freeride board. The 2010 FXR is a compact and stable design that gets planning on the lightest breeze and flies effortlessly through the wind lulls. The CNC fine tuned rockers keep the board gliding with the minimum wetted surface area. On the jibes the more compact design helps the FXR turn with ease, and finish the transitions with speed. In a straight line, the boards are extremely fast. The curved deck under the foot strap area provides an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride in all conditions.

The Eco Wood construction uses a combination of Wood and PVC in a double sandwich lay-up. This construction combines our latest research with a competitive price and a reduced environmental impact. As special models, the FXR & FXRS boards come in bright red finish.

DYNAMICS: With the foot straps settled to the inner position, the FXR maneuvers and transitions easily. In this position, the straps are also in the ideal configuration for first time foot straps users, making getting in the straps easy and fun. With the “further out into the rail” foot straps position the more advanced rider can trim the windward rail with more control, maximizing rail and fin lift, increasing the speed of the board.

The board construction focuses on light weight and durability. The sanded finish minimizes paint weight, and the full double wood and PVC sandwich offer great strength and dent resistance.


JP-Australia Fun Ride


JP Fun Ride 100, 110, 120, 130, 145 and 160

160 - Length:259cm, Width:80cm, Vol:160-l

145 - Length:258cm, Width:76cm, Vol:145-l

130 - Length:255cm, Width:72cm, Vol:130-l

120 - Length:254cm, Width:69cm, Vol:120-l

110 - Length:252cm, Width:67cm, Vol:110-l

100 - Length:250cm, Width:64cm, Vol:100-l

The ultimate easy going freeride boards based on the X-Cite Ride shape concept with additional control and easy jibing.

They fulfill what their name promises - no other boards are so easy to control while going fast and in jibes. They never get out of control even in overpowered conditions.

Perfect, easy jibing boards which stay on a plane through any jibe. They work great for fast carving jibes as well as for basic beginner jibes.

They begin to accelerate very early and when up to speed they are effortless to sail and reach very good speed requiring minimal input from the rider.

SHAPE: Long enough as length makes the boards very forgiving. Rocker line shaped for a loose feel and super comfortable ride, even in rough and choppy conditions. Short wetted surface for high speed gives the impression of riding a much smaller board. Constant volume distribution gets the board planing without an active sailing style. The Fun Rides can be used with a huge range of different sail sizes.

Many strap positions offer the ideal trim for pleasant and relaxed sailing suited for short board beginners through to advanced riders. Comfortably domed deck for a relaxed stance. Further outboard strap position and ergonomic rails to transfer the sail power into speed.

The pintail combined with thin rails provide great maneuverability. They turn easily and the radius can be changed at any time during high speed carving maneuvers.


SUMMARY: Fun boards made for short board beginners and advanced freeriders who look for boards which demand very little input and offer great fun. They almost sail themselves. They plane early and easily reach top speed but always stay comfortable even in really choppy conditions. The best Easy Jibers.

JP-Australia Website

JP-Australia X-cite Ride

JP X-cite Ride 100, 110, 120, 130, 145 and 160

100 - Length:246cm, Width:63cm, Vol:100-l

110 - Length:246cm, Width:65cm, Vol:100-l

120 - Length:250cm, Width:68cm, Vol:100-l

130 - Length:250cm, Width:70cm, Vol:100-l

145 - Length:252cm, Width:74cm, Vol:100-l

160 - Length:253cm, Width:78cm, Vol:100-l

Since the boards received really good tests and consumer comments we decided to leave the shapes unchanged for 2010. They are very sporty but at the same time offer great easy surfing, comfort and control.

SHAPE: The relative straight outline curve in the midsection delivers great control. Quite a lot of curve in the outline between the straps makes them easy to maneuver. High speed carving jibes, tight turns and changing the jibe radius comes naturally. The boards jump on the plane even with a passive sailing style, no pumping required!

A slightly fuller rail shoulder around the middle of the board provides additional buoyancy and helps the rider to get planing quicker. When used in the sporty set up, this adjustment creates a comfortable and efficient sailing position. All boards offer foot strap options satisfying beginners to expert!

Reduced thickness lowers the position of the mast base and improves the board control in overpowered conditions. Additional curve in the mid section of the scoop rocker line delivers even acceleration. They easily plane through lulls and offer a smooth transition from non-planing all the way up to full-speed.

They come with the JP channel bottom between the foot straps for extra lift and grip in straight line sailing. The combination of the straight rocker line in the channel and the additional curve to the left and right of the channel supplies the unmatched combination of great maneuverability and high speed. The additional V within the channel provides great control.

The boards feel small, light and agile throughout the whole wind range making them perfect multipurpose free ride boards.

PRO EDITION In Carbon Kevlar Technology with G10 fins. Super Limited Silver Finish.

FULL WOOD SANDWICHTechnology with Limited Finish.

SUMMARY: Their name describes them well - easy surfing, instant fun, high performance freeride boards. Anybody will enjoy them from short board beginners to sporty experts.

 JP-Australia Website

Naish Freewide  

Naish Freewide 120, 130, 140 and160

160 - Length:267cm, Width:79cm, Vol:160-l

140 - Length:254cm, Width:77cm, Vol:140-l

130 - Length:253cm, Width:73cm, Vol:130-l

120 - Length:249cm, Width:69cm, Vol:120-l

The Freewide combines an easygoing, stable ride with effortless planing, making it the ultimate light wind machine for riders of all levels. This early planing shape features decreased rail volume to let the board glide smoothly through the lulls. Tail wingers and cut outs provide maximum control even in windy conditions. The reduced tail area behind the footstraps combined with a slight tail kick rockerline makes the Freewide jibe with little effort like a much smaller board. For light wind areas, the early planing Naish Freewide is the difference between a great day on the water and wishing you stayed home.

Quatro Freeride

Freeride 105, 125 and 150

150 - Length:256cm, Width:75cm, Vol:150-l

125- Length:247cm, Width:68cm, Vol:125-l

105- Length:240cm, Width:63cm, Vol:105-l

The Freeride is our classic answer to everyone looking for a fast yet agile and fun board for low wind days or getting from A to B just a little qjuicker than everybody else.

 PREMIUM WOOD SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION: Our board building experience has led us to the strongest and most lightweight materials available. With these materials we are able to achieve a strong construction while keeping the weight on the light side giving our riders the best of both worlds. Using both PVC and Wood Sandwich in a strong lay up schedule, these boards are very durable and impact resistant. Tested and proven in the most extreme conditions of Maui and all over the world.

FIN: New outline, new profile, new materials, the LIQUID PRO is the new freeride/freerace concept by MFC. The profile is generated by the SL and RC models, with incredible top speed, great planning and maneuverability. Ideal for Freeride/Freerace conditions, as well as flat and choppy conditions.



RRD FireRide

Fireride 125, 135, 145 and 155

125 - Length:245cm, Width:69cm, Vol:125-l

135 - Length:248cm, Width:72cm, Vol:135-l

145 - Length:249cm, Width:75cm, Vol:145-l

155 - Length:251cm, Width:78cm, Vol:155-l

Completely re-designed boards mixing speed and pleasure of control with an unmatched feeling of acceleration and turning potential. “Plug and play” is the first thing that will come to your mind when placing your feet onto these decks!

New LIGHTER construction technology has allowed to greatly improve the planning and top end potential. Full rails from nose to tail have made possible the use of shorter and wider outlines. The scoop-rocker has been flattened especially in correspondence to the mast track position in order to improve planning and reduce impact with chops. Increasing V towards the tail area, as a classic freeride board allows fantastic turns and great ease of control for your back foot. Foot-straps inserts have been moved towards the middle part of the board to allow easier foot placement and maximize easier balance for a pure riding pleasure.

Technology: EPS/HD Glass/Wood sandwich skin on top and bottom with a Glass crossed fibres laminated in Single Shot moulding process.


Starboard Futura


Starboard Futura 93, 101, 111, 122, 133, 141 and 155

93 - Length:238cm, Width:62cm, Vol:93-l

101 - Length:240cm, Width:66cm, Vol:101-l

111 - Length:240cm, Width:68cm, Vol:111-l

122 - Length:246cm, Width:72cm, Vol:122-l

133 - Length:249cm, Width:77cm, Vol:133-l

141 - Length:247cm, Width:81cm, Vol:141-l

155 - Length:250cm, Width:85cm, Vol:155-l

The Futuras are pure freeride boards that combine stability and ease of use with the widest wind range and the highest top end performance in its group. Blurring the lines between free-slalom boards and freeride boards, the Futuras are also, astonishingly, the most easy freeride boards in their group. This thanks to extra width and their ability to automatically deliver peak performance across a wide sweet spot.

How does a Futura manage to combine the best top end performance with the easiest board? For the same volume, the width of a Futura matches the width of a modern slalom board. This makes them the widest freeride boards in their category, giving them more stability when uphauling and sailing at lower speeds. With footstraps that can be positioned either inboard or outboard, a Futura can then be tuned to deliver easy freeride sailing or maximum performance.


What's new for 2010?

New cutaway shapes that reduce the wetted surface area without losing width under your back foot: a more efficient planing surface that delivers more speed and quicker acceleration, but without loss of control, stability or power. Futura 101, 111, 122, 133, 141 and 155.

New wingers that create more width between your feet, less width in the tail: a more efficient planing surface for a higher top end speed and quicker acceleration. Futura 122, 133, 141 and 155.

New nose shape on the Futura 122 and 133 that have been tweaked to offer improved balance: the 122 has a slightly narrower nose and the 133 has a slightly wider nose. Both are a touch longer than last year.

The Futura 141 has also been thinned down further compared to last year, to provide a more responsive, sporty and controllable ride with the same levels of ease, stability and comfort.



Starboard Go

Starboard Go 111, 122, 133, 144, 155 and 175

In 2010, the Go boards share the same original formula and the same features that have made it so successful over a decade ago: a full EVA deck for comfort, multiple insert positions for beginners, intermediates and experts and carry handles in wider boards for convenient handling.

Go 175 - Length:253cm, Width:91cm, Vol:-l

Go 155 - Length:249cm, Width:85cm, Vol:155-l

Go 144 - Length:246cm, Width:79cm, Vol:144-l

Go 133 - Length:247cm, Width:77cm, Vol:133-l

Go 122 - Length:242cm, Width:72cm, Vol:122-l

Go 111 - Length:240cm, Width:68cm, Vol:111-l

GO 175, 155: the GO boards with the most stability. These two models include footstrap positions for entry level and are supplied with an additional Shallow fin to help beach starting in shallow waters. For advanced windsurfers, with footstraps set in the advanced positions and fitted with their racing fins, these two boards are also the most powerful GO boards delivering some serious performance.

GO 144, 133: the perfect blend between stability and more maneuverability. The 144 and 133 remain wide and stable enough for more confident, progressing windsurfers, but also offer a more exciting ride, more maneuverability and more control in higher winds. Three footstrap positions are available: intermediate, advanced and expert.

GO 122, 111: these are more performance orientated freeride machines. They are fast and fun, with a wide wind range, early planing performance and class leading stability. Multiple insert options allow the board to be tuned for easy planing or maximum performance. Three footstrap positions are available on the 122, two options are available on the 111.

Construction: GO boards are made in Tufskin Technology. The outer layer is made from layers of 3-dimensional 400g glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system which creates a thick, durable and tough skin. A half-deck 0.6mm thick wood layer covers the deck to improve the board's rigidity and impact resistance.

Ergonomics: All GO boards have plenty of dome in the tail section and footstraps positions available inboard: this offers full comfort and maximum accessibility in any strap setting.

Deep deck concaves (GO 111, 122, 133, 144) - the front half of the boards are shallowed-out with a deep deck concave to lower the centre of gravity, offer more control and provide a quicker response to foot steering pressure.

Tabou Rocket

Tabou Rocket 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 and 145

95 - L:237cm, W:58cm, V:95-l

105 - L:242cm, W:61cm, V:105-l

115 - L:242cm, W:66cm, V:115-l

125 - L:245cm, W:69cm, V:125-l

135 - L:250cm, W:72cm, V:135-l

145 - L:245cm, W:79cm, V:145-l 

Once you blast off on the Rocket, you instantly get a feeling of freedom. The unique bottom shape combined with the shorter outline gives you a flying sensation in the lightest of winds.  These boards are built to do it all- step on and you can’t deny the smile that hits you. Perfectly crafted deck shape, an unbeatable rocker line combined with magic rails keep the Rocket on top of the game.



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