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LEVEL 4 - Formula Racing

Feb 5, 2010

Formula boards are the earliest planing models on today's windsurfing market. They are designed to sail extreme upwind and downwind angles through the use of a huge fin and a large sail.

These are not comfortable boards for sailing back and forth straight across the wind. If you are looking for an early planing recreation freeride board than choose either a wide/high volume "freeride easy" or "freeride fast" model that suits your ability.


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Exocet Warp-100

Exocet Warp-100

Length:235cm, Width:100cm, Vol:161-l

This is our new beast for Formula racing. Endless hours of R&D in cooperation with our top rider Gomalo Costa Hoevel has brought this aggressive black machine to yet another level. It's a true winner, powered by super light hybrid construction provides the key elements; acceleration, instant planning and blistering speed. The Warp 100 is as light as it can be. with 161 litres of volume, which is slightly more than its predecessor and especially in the nose.
Faster at all angles? Yes; upwind the board has additional power due bigger rails and the improved stance. Centre of gravity is way back giving the board increased acceleration both upwind and downwind. Its all about speed and control.


JP-Australia Formula 100

JP Formula 100 Pro

Length:228, Width:100cm, Vol:168-l

After dominating the PWA 2009 Slalom season with Antoine Albeau F192 crowning himself Slalom World Champion by winning 6 out of 7 races and Micah Buzianis coming 4th JP makes the next logical step and introduces a Formula board.

The board has been developed between Mike Zajicek from California who has many years of experience in shaping and riding Formula boards, Werner Gnigler, Micah Buzianis US 34 and Antoine Albeau.

The board has been tested with sails from 9,5 - 12,0 and has shown great performance in all those conditions.

SHAPE: The shape comes from continuous R&D since the inception of formula itself. The final design is a result of testing and input from racers all over the world. The shape utilizes a forgiving entry forward and pronounced vee integrated with a proven rocker. That combined with aggressive tail and rail selections affords very early planing and low wind gliding - necessities for the highest level of FW racing. The mast position on the board can be further back without sacrificing control, which benefits bigger sails and fins in lighter air.

A unique combination of rear footstraps allows for comfortable, balanced sailing down wind in any conditions. The board also happily accepts fins from 60cm for smaller sails and less drag to the biggest allowable by formula rules. The result is a very capable, yet friendly and FUN machine, ready to take on anyone's idea of utilization.

The full Carbon Deck of the Formula 100 has already proven to be the best construction on the market for lightwind Slalom boards. Antoine believes that this construction gives the big JP Slalom boards the edge over competition boards.

This is the stiffest and most rigid construction available today and provides big advantages in early planing and staying on a plane around the marks.

The Formula 100 comes – just like the new Slalom Gen VI boards - with the all new JP Race Deck. It offers a raised area underneath your front forefoot and toes which provides unknown comfort and control when going at full speed. You easily stay connected to the deck no matter how strong the wind gets. You never feel like you are getting pulled out of your straps and need to bend up your toes to stay in the straps.

The raised area is part of the board and not just a footpad as very thick footpads tend to make it rather difficult to get out of the straps once you have really pushed yourself in. You need to try this new Race Deck to believe its advantages.

PRO - PRO EDITION with full Biax Carbon In Biax Carbon Technology, Super Limited Silver Finish. 



Starboard Formula HWR


Starboard Formula LWR

Formula HWR and LWR

For the 2010 and 2011 Formula generation, Starboard introduces two all new designs in an all new technology: the Formula LWR WoodCarbon and Formula HWR WoodCarbon.

Formula HWR:

Length:228cm, Width:100.2cm, Vol:162-l

Designed for light to medium winds or for medium to Heavy Weight Riders, the Formula HWR provides the most all round performance. Reigning World Champion Wojtek Brozozowski, Michael Polanowski and Remi Vila have come up with a new rocker line with 2mm extra tail-lift and a tail design with a new cutaway shape.

The cutaway shape provides a longer rail length and a wider planing surface under your back foot. Combined with the 2mm extra tail-lift, this allows the board to generate power yet also release from the water creating a more lively board that hunts upwind at greater angles. With more power and a wider planing surface area, the Formula HWR is also quicker overall, and immune to wind or water conditions. Choppy water or flat water, underpowered or overpowered: the Formula HWR delivers peak performance.

Formula LWR:

Length:228cm, Width:100.5cm, Vol:168-l

The new Formula LWR is designed for medium to high winds or for medium to Lighter Weight Riders. The LWR has the same new cutaway shapes as the HWR, to increase the efficiency of the planing surface and increase the power delivery under your back foot.

With 5mm more tail-lift, the board also has more release and provides a livelier ride, making the board more immune to wind and water conditions. The nose has also been thinned down for improved aerodynamics and a reduced nose weight.

Starboard's new Formula WoodCarbon Technology

After thorough tests between pure wood technologies, pure carbon technologies and two variations of a new Wood Carbon hybrid technology across various wind, water and rider conditions, Starboard chose the hybrid WoodCarbon technology with a uni-directional 80g carbon deck. This technology blends the advantage of carbon and the advantage of wood into one board.

With its wood bottom, Starboard's Formula continues to provide the best control, comfort and dynamic shape stability in its class. With its carbon deck, the board provides the crisp, light and razor-sharp acceleration efficiency in all wind conditions. Starboard's new Formula WoodCarbon Technology: the hybrid construction that brings you the best of both worlds.


Starboard Formula Experience

Formula Experience

Length:228cm, Width:100.5cm, Vol:160-l

Formula Experience is arguably the fastest growing windsurfing class due to its simplicity, high performance and low entry cost. In South America alone there are some 50 events each year. This year the US is coming on board with another 10 events. The F160 hull shape has proven not only to be comfortable and fully competitive in the FW development class, but also very durable in its ASA construction. If you are looking for fast and thrilling racing without the development hysteria, the Formula Experience class is clearly the only racing choice in today's myriad of windsurfing classes. For the full international and national racing calendar:


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