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Feb 8, 2010

JP-Australia SUP




If you want to be that "multi-sport" guy or gal who gets on the water no matter whether there is wind or not... then why not try a windsurf-able Standup Paddleboard (SUP).


These boards are generally longer and slightly narrower than typical beginner windsurfers, so a little more balance may be required. But HEY... if you can paddle it than you'll find that holding a sail is actually easier!


2010 Sailable Standup Paddleboards:

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Bic Jungle

Bic Jungle

Length:330cm, Width:72cm, Vol:175-l

How many times have you gone to the beach and the wind, waves or both were not quite as you expected? Are you new to the water and want a fun board for a variety of conditions? Well, the BIC Jungle provides the answer with GUARANTEED water time for the whole family! From no wind and no waves, through to medium winds and waves… you can get out on the water and have fun no matter what! And you don’t have to just windsurf, with our Bic Jungle you can turn to surfing, stand-up paddling and kayaking!

Having evolved from the design base of the latest stand-up paddle boards, which need to both glide well and surf in the waves, BIC Sport has drawn on its wealth of experience in windsurfing, surfing and kayaks to produce the BIC Jungle. Shaped by the renowned windsurf custom shaper Sergio Munari, in co-operation with the legendary surf shaper Gerard Dabbadie.

The BIC Jungle is the ultimate FUN board for all conditions! The BIC Jungle, for everyone, everywhere!


Fanatic Fly HRS

Fanatic Fly 11’0

The Fly 11’ 0” is the perfect cruiser! Stretched rockers allow for a smooth glide on glassy seas. Additional volume combined with a flat deck secure stability and first time experience success on a SUP. The full rails prevent tipping over the rail. Due to the balanced shape it´s the ideal board for long distance cruises and to experience the first surf. The design is compact yet big enough to carry any weight and promise fun for any kind of level.

 Design Features:

- Flatter rocker, for early glide and windsurf planning option

- Increased volume to float high

- Full rail shape to keep the volume in the rails and a flat deck

- Flat deck for stability and secure stance

- Compact outline

Our exciting new SUP range is further complimented by a complete Paddle range, including a basic version for beginners, a comfort version for intermediates and a top of the line Carbon model for experienced SUP riders.

Fanatic Website

JP-Australia SUP 11'8

JP-Australia SUP 11'8"

The big boy in the range, stable and versatile, is making it the perfect beginner board! Because of its long waterline it is an excellent glider for open ocean, inner city waterways or lakes. The 32 inch width and the slightly fuller rails make it so stable that catching a wave is child's play. Despite its large size this board is very maneuverable. A smooth rocker allows the board to turn tightly enough to carve out a wave face. A sharper tuck line in the tail area gives the board enough traction to be used as a windsurfer! Just rig up and cruise around. This is the ideal all- round board for resorts and windsurf centers. Fun to use with or without wind; whether paddling or sailing, the whole family can get on and play.


A concave nose, based on longboard designs, allowing more lift when touching the water and avoiding nose diving. Very round rails and tuck, like surfboards. A relatively flat deck curve for stability when standing in the middle of the board makes balancing easier when paddling.

Board comes with: EVA covered standing area, double leash hooks, the possibility to attach a windsurf rig to the board, carrying handles and a single US fin.

JP-Australia Website

Kona One

Kona One

Length:350cm, Width:70cm, Vol:220-l

The instant success of this first and very unique breed of the new longboard generation speaks for itself; since it was introduced, the Kona One has gone from a concept to a recognized direction in the windsurfing world. Due to its unique versatility and user-friendliness, it has grown to be a serious one-design racing class in record time.

Kona Website

Naish Nalu 11'0

Naish Nalu 11'6"

Longboard style SUPs that are easy to ride and offer outstanding performance in a wide range of conditions. The Nalu series is the ideal choice for first time paddlers, flat water cruisers, small wave surfers and high performance wave riders.

The Nalu Window 11'6"AST comes equipped with a Plexiglass window for viewing the ocean floor. This board offers superb stability with added entertainment value for the whole family. It's ideal for checking out the underwater world!

The Nalu 11'6"AST offers surfing style for big boys in waves, and unlimited versatility and superb durability for the entire family.

The Nalu 11'6" is the standard by which all other full sized SUPs are judged. This board is thick and stable, and surfs rail-to-rail like a much shorter board. Suitable for riders even above 200 pounds, the Nalu 11'6" features classic lines, unbeatable construction, and awesome all round appeal. This non-AST versions comes with the famous Naish Eco Packaging System board bag.


RRD Longrider

RRD Longrider

Length:340cm, Width:70cm, Vol:180-l

The performance of a freeride board with the accessibility of a beginner board. Going back out windsurfing with the same feeling we had in the past, and with the advantage of modern technology!

Step tail for double rocker section. One for light wind and one for stronger winds; Full EVA deck for comfort and pleasure of riding; Thin rail shape for free feeling in manoeuvres; A fantastic longboard that keeps the “compact” feeling of a shortboard, whilst also being a very accessible board to everyone. It is also a great board to be sailed “retro” style in the waves!


Starboard SUPer

Starboard SUPer 12’6”

Length:380cm, Width:77cm, Vol:206-l

The World's first SUP/windsurf boards with a daggerboard system. unlocking the doors to a wonderful World of wind and water.

When stand up paddling, their long, slender shape glides smoothly and catches waves easily with surprising maneuverability. The integrated daggerboard and mast track for windsurfing transforms the kit into a lightwind windsurfer, a maneuverable board for lightwind waveriding and for old-school flat-water freestyling.

With its wide width, it's also a stable platform for progressing windsurfers and for family fun. It’s a true crossover between two sports, inviting all generations.

SUPer 12'6"x 30": The longer and narrower model, for more glide and a faster ride, whether windsurfing or paddling.

SUPer 12'0"x 32": Shorter and wider, for more stability and an easier ride when windsurfing or paddling.



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