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Perfect Gear Match® Survey - '10 Gear Guide

Feb 3, 2010’s Perfect Gear Match® Online Survey

Are you looking to find the perfect board or sail to match your windsurfing ability or style? Windsport Magazine has enlisted the services of Dr. Ivanna Loop (PsyD. from SkyHigh University and Ed.Psych.D from University of Maui [Ho'okipa campus]) to build a "relationship survey" in order to help any windsurfers quickly and easily find their perfect gear match.

Rather than listing the gear by brand and forcing you to wade through pages of boards and sails that you would never dream of riding, Dr. Loop has arranged a presentation according to windsurfing abilities and sailing styles. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail the editor at (unfortunately Dr. Loop is not available as she found her own perfect match while preparing the survey, moved into a van and hasn't been heard from since).

Please start by picking the LEVEL below that best matches up to your windsurfing ability level? Be honest with yourself or you may end up with an ugly choice!


 LEVEL 1 - Beginner I am new to the sport but can’t wait to get out on the water and learn.

Skills I can do: none

Immediate goals: Uphauling and basic steering and sailing of a windsurfer

LEVEL 2 - Intermediate (Non-planing emphasis) I have gone windsurfing a few times and can basically just sail out from the beach, turn around and come back.

Skills I can do: Uphauling, basic steering in light wind and I can turn around (probably a mast tack).

Immediate goals: Beachstarting, fast tacking, basic harness use and pivot jibe.

LEVEL 3 - Intermediate (Planing Emphasis) I have learned most of the basic skills and I am ready to start going faster. I want to plane! Planing is when the board begins to rise up out of the water and glide across the surface rather than plowing through it. I AM READY TO START USING A SHORT BOARD AND A PERFORMANCE SAIL!

Skills I can do: Comfortable steering the windsurfer and sailing where you want to go, basic lightwind harness use, beachstarting, and some form of lightwind tack and jibe (if not both).

Immediate goals: Planing in the harness, learning how to get into the footstraps, carving into a jibe and dialing in everything I know so far on a smaller board.

 LEVEL 4 - Advanced & Specialized

 I can go fast and am most likely comfortble on at least a big shortboard. I am planing in the harness and getting into the footstraps (or at least I feel I'm close to the straps). This category covers a large range of sailing abilities and styles... but as long as you are good at planing (and not "complaining") then you'll likely find an excellent BOARD and SAIL match here!

What type of windsurfer are you? In this last category we'll allow you to find your perfect match according to the "STYLE" of windsurfing you do. Categories include: Freeride Easy, Freeride Fast, Freestyle, Freestyle Wave (or Crossover/Bump & Jump), Wave, Pro Slalom, Speed, Formula, Longboard Racing and performance Kids boards.  

Skills I can do: Plane comfortably in the harness on a shortboard and likely use at least one footstrap.

Immediate goals: Dialing in all advanced windsurfing skills from Jibing to Looping.


LEVEL K - Kids

Looking to hook your kid up with a perfect birthday present? Here are some ideal SAILS and BOARDS designed to help your kid progress whether he or she be a freerider, freestyler, racer or wavesailor.

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