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2013 Entry and WindSUP Boards

Feb 28, 2013

There is no better time then the present to get into windsurfing. Today you have an easy choice to make right from the start if you are buying an ENTRY-LEVEL board:

ENTRY WINDSURFING BOARD: Generally wider then most SUP board, these make windsurfing the easiest possible. If you know your direction is pure windsurfing then look here. These boards are also great for learning lightwind freestyle really you'll never out grow it.

WIND SUP BOARD: These multi-purpose shapes will allow you to paddle in no wind and then shift to windsurfing when just the slightest breeze appears. These are great family boards that will have everyone stoked on the water.



2013 Bic BeachBic Sport Beach

Sizes: 160 ,205-liters

Easy riding boards, super strong and a superb price

The right balance : stable and fun

The Beach 175D is a more compact board, and is suited to lighter-weight beginners. It glides well in light winds while maintaining good manoeuvrability. It is fitted with a retractable daggerboard and with carry handles at the front, side and rear, which help to carry the board in and out of the water and are very useful for handling it in the water during the learning sessions. It is a very solid board, and with its particular volume and its EVA-foam pad covered deck, it is particularly apt for both sailing schools and windsurf-enthusiast families on their holidays.

The Beach 225D has the most volume, making it specially ideal for heavier riders looking for a very stable board to learn on. It is fitted with a retractable daggerboard and with carry handles at the front, side and rear, which help to carry the board in and out of the water and are very useful for handling it in the water during the learning sessions. It is a very solid board, and with its particular volume and its EVA-foam pad covered deck, it is particularly apt for both sailing schools and windsurf-enthusiast families on their holidays.

Beginner level windsurf boards have made considerable progress as regards their stability, and that for some time now, but are nevertheless frequently a bit fragile for the kind of intensive use they get. Responding to the needs of windsurf clubs, BIC Windsurf is launching a brand new range called the «Beach».
It's the result of an innovative mix of technologies already to be found on BIC surf boards and kayaks. The outer skin of polyethylene is the same as that used on BIC Sport kayaks with their proven strength. The internal construction borrows from the BIC ACS surf board with its massive knock-resistance. The shapes have been developed with maximum stability for beginners in mind but are still very manoeuvrable to help learn some progression moves.
Beach boards will therefore be very useful for windsurf schools looking for good, solid, modern and easy to learn on boards. The two models come with a retractable dagger board system that is very simple to tune.


2013 Bic NovaBic Sport Nova

Sizes: 160, 205-liters

Learn to windsurf with a taste of funboard action!

Stable and easy to ride, fitted with a daggerboard, the NOVA 160 D was designed for learning and progressing. Its short shape makes it simple to carve and jibe, even in light winds. When it gets properly up to planing, its short length and reduced weight make it an exciting funboard ride.

The NOVA 205D is geared towards heavier-weight riders or for schools who want stable, big volume boards, fitted with a retractable daggerboard. This board is also great for progressing, thanks to its relatively moderate length, its reduced weight and forward footstrap positions. There's no better board for learning how to windsurf!

These boards have been designed specifically for learning to windsurf and progress towards funboarding in the best of conditions. With their comfortable volume and wide deck area, these are great boards for making your first runs and starting to have fun from day 1. They are made using the thermoformed composite technology and are as a result much lighter than those of the competition. The deck is covered in EVA foam for extra grip and comfort.
Nova boards have a retractable daggerboard to help return back to shore safely. The multiple footstrap positions placed quite forward on the board make it easy for all levels of rider to learn funboarding and jibes easily. Their short length means they're highly manoeuvrable and still have great speed when the wind fills in and they start planning, giving you the excitement of full-on funboarding!


2013 Exocet LinkExocet Link

The LINK line is unchanged with respect to the shapes, however we have dropped the smaller sizes while increasing the options with the addition of STD versions across the line.

The LINK STD comes with a simplified EVA deck and does not have the wheel, in order to position the line more competitively in the market place.


  • Full EVA deck
  • Allgaier daggerboard (75 and 85)
  • Integrated wheel for easy transportation
  • (Optional on STD and Tandem)
  • 34 cm school fin (75 and 85)

2013 Exocet Link Specs




Fanatic Viper

2013 Fanatic ViperWith a huge network of schools and Fanatic center rental staff to consult, we’ve built the perfect board for progression based on expert knowledge. This is no wide-style board that’s redundant once you’ve mastered the basics, but the perfect platform for family fun from first steps to beyond your first planing revelations. The compact retractable daggerboard and GFK Power Box fin allow light wind glide and more advanced Funboard use in one package. A forgiving softdeck pad and nose handle make transport and balance a breeze and the large range of deckplate positions expand tuning scope to match your progress. Delivered in 4 sizes, all with High Resistance Skin (HRS) durability, each model can suit a range of age and abilities with 70, 75, 80 and 85cm wide options to choose from. Now also available as school version with plain white softdeck.

- CAD-engineered power rocker line for optimum waterline and sub-planing pointing
- Removable dagger board for light air tracking and sealable slot for high wind use
- Multiple beating and blasting footstrap positions for freeride and cruising use
- Thinner outline for control and mastering footsteering

2013 Fanatic Viper specs

2013 Goya Surf 

Goya Surf

The focus of this board is to get anyone a fast entry into the windsurfing feeling and allowing every rider to keep improving on the same board. Learning to get in the straps, jibe, trim upwind or race downwind. A balanced board for beginners that can also be turned into one of the most used boards in the quiver of advanced riders. Not to forget the Stand Up Paddle qualities of this wonderful platform.

A wide & short fin helps first time water starts in shallow sections while still maintaining enough fin area once you are planing. Additionaly, the all new fully retractable Allgaier® dagger board brings the best of both worlds. You can choose to either have it hidden away, tucked inside the board while riding around, or have it down for first time riders or for trimming upwind on the lighter wind days. Having the daggeboard down maximizes stability while learning to uphaul.

The board features a full EVA deck. Added foam thickness in the nose area keeps the board safe from potential boom front and mast hits. A harder and denser EVA around the whole perimeter of the board helps keeping the rails looking like new after a full season.

The Surf is available in ECO Construction: ECO uses a combination of wood double sandwich, our number one renewable resource, and biaxial glass, where stability dictates it. This construction incorporates our latest performance research to create a strong, light and very smooth feeling board at a competitive price.

Range Of Use: All Riders Welcome. Make this your number one family board and you can be sure that all weekend long everyone will have their best time trying new things and enjoying the essence of our sport.

  • The One comes with an MFC™ 211 fin. Learn more
  • The MFC™ straps are extremely comfortable, with a thick and high quality neoprene and a soft inner sole. Learn more
  • The 10mm Dual Density Deck pads combine better traction and padding for the big landings. Learn more

2013 Goya Surf specs


JP-Australia Explorer2013 JP-Australia Exlorer


ASA Sandwich Technology: ASA bottom and full EVA deck and integrated carrying handle


Windsurfing made easy with a board that grows with you! This new concept combines the stability a beginner needs with the sporty planing feel an advanced rider is looking for. Opposite to wide body beginner boards like the Funster, the Explorers feature narrow and long hulls.

Once you advance and master the basics the Explorer shape lifts up to a glide in light winds offering that ‘Funboard feeling’ instantly. On the plane it is and feels much faster, more sportive and lively than wide body beginner boards. Touring, exploring and enjoying the coastline from the water makes riding this board a new experience.


The hulls are designed to deliver outstanding performance, considering it’s a beginner board under your feet. When planing, they almost feel as sporty as an X-Cite Ride, lifting on their tail and powering off their fins: A totally new sensation in JP’s daggerboard class.

They are sporty and lively! Carving a planing arc through the water makes jibing great fun. The daggerboard of wide body boards basically only reduced the sideway drift. Whereas on the narrow hulls of the Explorers, the power of the daggerboards can lift the windward rail, providing a feeling similar  feel known from the early days windsurf boards.
Thus, it is more fun to ride in light winds using the daggerboard and also more efficient to go upwind.

The Explorers come with multiple foot strap options for every rider level, starting from the absolute foot strap beginner to the advanced rider who is already able to use the straps and push the board to accelerate. Due to the retractable daggerboard and all the various foot strap options every rider will find the perfect set-up for his individual trim. The volume distribution is evenly spread-out and gives plenty of stability for first time windsurfers. The built-in nose handle in combination with the strap handle at the tail make carrying the board on the beach and in/out of the water really easy. The soft EVA deck features an ideal “playground” for every member of the family.


It fulfills its duties as beginner board and shines with its enormous range of use, steadily unleashing more and more of its sporty potential the better you get!
Play, learn, cruise, glide and have fun in all conditions. This board covers it all – a true new daggerboard allround funboard.

2013 JP-Australia Explorer specs


2013 JP-Australia FunsterJP-Australia Funster

TECHNOLOGY: ASA Sandwich Technology: ASA bottom and full EVA deck and nose protector


The Funsters combine the performance of a freerider with the easy handling of a beginner board. They are excellent beginner and family boards. Advanced riders will also have fun on them.

All the Funsters have comfortable EVA decks and many footstrap plug options.  This allows you to slowly move from an easy cruising setup, to a blasting stance out on the boards’ rail. They all come with indestructible, detachable glasfiber nose protectors.

The 205 and 180 are perfect beginner boards. Within only a few hours anyone will be sailing back and forth, and will quickly reach the thrill of planing.

The 130, 145 and 160 have a wide range of use: From beginner boards for kids and light-weights to sporty cruisers for more advanced riders.


  • Short and wide, not just in the middle but also in the nose and tail, along with an even volume distribution makes them stable along the length and width axis.  This gives the rider confidence and helps to improve quickly.
  • Flat bottom curve gives a long water line for good non-planing speed and upwind performance.
  • Simple and proven daggerboard system for stability and easy going upwind.
  • The mast track is centered and very close to the daggerboard, making the board react quickly to rig and foot steering.


  • For beginners to advanced freeriders
  • Fun from the moment you step on
  • Planing in very light winds
  • So easy
  • Very stable
  • Easy tracking in non-planing conditions
  • Effortless rig and foot steering
  • Easy to learn footstrap technique
  • Perfect to experience the real fun in windsurfing -planing- as fast as possible
  • Great family boards 

2013 JP-Australia Funster specs 


Kona OneKona One

Versatile, friendly and fun to sail. It has grown to be a serious One-Design race class in record time. The characteristic subtle shape combines stability, maneuverability, control and excellent sub-planing performance all in one package. Cruising and racing in all conditions becomes a thrill and performing classic tricks becomes a breeze. The Kona One's natural wave ability in not only a bonus, but the most appreciated aspect among many sailors world wide. It is as demanding for advanced sailors as it is easy for "newbies" because of its versatile design which incorporates a gently curved outline with soft rails and a flat rocker. This board allows you to ride soft, long waves in marginal conditions. Additionally, the planing threshold has been dramatically reduced by implementing the 'step tail' which shortens the waterline when powered up and boosts the board onto a plane much earlier than conventional longboards.


  • 65cm daggerboard
  • 46cm fin
  • 4 footstraps
  • full soft EVA deck for maximum comfort

Construction: ASA/EVA

Kona One specs


2013 Mistral EvolutionMistral Evolution

Fun riding boards, full wood construction with full EVA decks. Great for learners or riders looking for a fun ride for the whole family. Unlike other learner boards the Evolution is a very modern shape and will allow you to grow with the board. From just learning to sail to get into your full planning jibes Evolution will do it all.

Evolution 160:

Volume (l): 160
Lenght (cm): 260
Width (cm): 85
Construction: full wood sandwich
with tough skin rails and full EVA deck
Rec.sail size: 2,5 - 8,5 sqm
Fin: 45 cm

   Evolution 180:

Volume (l): 180
Lenght (cm): 260
Width (cm): 83
Construction: full wood sandwich
with tough skin rails and full EVA deck
Rec.sail size: 2,5 - 8,5 sqm
Fin: 45 cm

   Evolution 210:

Volume (l): 210
Lenght (cm): 270
Width (cm): 90
Construction: full wood sandwich
with tough skin rails and full EVA deck
Rec.sail size: 2,5 - 8,5 sqm
Fin: 45 cm






2013 Naish Kailua


Naish Kailua

Novice windsurfers of all weights and sizes who want the stability to learn the basics, progress to planing and learn to jibe with ease.

Designed to make it easy to learn the basics of windsurfing in both planing and non-planing conditions, the Kailua boards are world renowned for stability and ease. They jibe and plane with ease, making any day on the water with the Kailua, a great day.

Key Features:

  • AST construction on the 140 and 160
  • ASA construction on the 180 and XR
  • Retractable daggerboard on Kailua 160, 180 and XR
  • Full EVA deck traction
  • Grooved EVA in the stance area
  • Integrated nose bumper

Naish Kailua SE: The same Kailua design and entry-level performance, but with a non-skid deck surface for long-lasting durability and easy repair. The Kailua SE maintains the wide, stable and easy-to-use performance of the world-renowned Kailua, but includes a new, non-skid (non-EVA) deck surface. This feature makes it the ideal board for easy repair and long-lasting durability needed by schools and windsurfing rental/test centers around the world.

2013 Naish Kailua specs


2013 Starboard RioStarboard Rio

The Rios are Starboard’s entry-level all-round boards

These are the boards that cover learning, progressing and planing for the first time. They are considered all-rounders because they are equally good at providing stability for beginners to learn and providing power for progressing windsurfers to get planing smoothly. Once planing, the Rios feel responsive and fun. The Rios advanced shape and fittings make them by far the most thoroughly designed entry-level board on the market today.

Product details:

  • Nose carry handle for convenience.
  • Integrated nose protector.
  • Longer nose with a longer, lower rocker – for more longitudinal stability and more glide.
  • Soft EVA deck, regular deck finish or Armour Tech options available.
  • Integrated nose protector.
  • Centre carry handle.
  • Multiple insert positions offer tuning options for entry level/ intermediate/ advanced riders.
  • Extra-wide tails offer easier and earlier planing.
  • Contour deck makes it easier than ever to get into the footstraps.
  • Allgaier daggerboard system
  • Side-cuts improve fin drive and release
  • Tail cutaways improve speed and acceleratio

The Rio XL is a special board in the Rio family. It is developed for schools that prefer long, narrow shapes that give the most glide and longitudinal traction. It is a school-only board, available only in Armour Tech and is finished all-white to make repairs and maintenance easy. The deck is finished in conventional non-slip.

2013 Starboard Rio specs


2013 Starboard StartStarboard Start

The Starts are Starboard's super-stable beginner boards. Feature-packed with smart ideas and offering the widest shape in the entry-level segment, the Starts make learning to windsurf and planing in the straps easier than ever.

What's new?

  • Starboard's super stable entry-level boards
  • Extra stable for beginners, easy and smooth to get planing for intermediates

The 2012 Start M and L have been lengthened to 285cm to hugely improve the boards' glide in light winds. With the longer length, the profile of the board can flattened, which also allows the board to gradually transition into planing mode - smoothly and easily, without the need to overcome a power surge.

The Start's tail design is also wider than any other entry-level board. This allows the Start to get planing earlier, at lower speeds. Again, this helps beginners to plane smoothly and easily.

2013 Starboard Start specs 




2013 Bic Wind SUPBic Sport Wind SUP

Sizes: 11'6, 10'6

Particularly long and specifically shaped for multi-purpose navigation, the BIC SUP Wind boards offer the advantage of being able to double-up as windsurf boards in light wind conditions. Their large volume and width make them also suitable for beginners. The 11'6 and 10'6 BIC SUP Wind boards offer therefore the extra appeal of a dual-program.

11'6 WIND SUP: Featuring a mast foot track for attaching a windsurf rig as well as a retractable daggerboard, the 11'6 WIND is a highly versatile and adaptable SUP/ windsurfer for both windy and calm conditions. Its substantial volume and width offer excellent lateral stability without compromising performance.
Volume is evenly spread throughout the board and its finely balanced rocker and longboardstyle outline make it easy to handle in flatwater conditions without reducing agility in the surf zone. The 11'6'' is also a great choice for families looking to bring along the kids or pets. Shaped for novice riders up to 260lbs/120kg and will float more advanced paddlers up to 300lbs. New ERGO-GRIP carry handle = Easier Transport + Less Fatigue! A cover is delivered with the board to cover the daggerboard hole during SUP use.

10'6 WIND SUP: The 10'6'' ACE-TEC Wind is a stable, dependable and highly versatile SUP which features a mastfoot box for mounting a windsurf rig. Designed as an allround performer for novice riders up to 180lbs/80kg the 10'6 Wind also works great as a performance surf-SUP for riders up to 220lbs/100kg. Featuring even volume distribution, confidence-inspiring width, a refined rocker profile for surf performance as well as flatwater glide. An excellent windsurf board for beginners on flatwater as well as more advanced windsurfers in waves. New ERGO-GRIP carry handle = Easier Transport + Less Fatigue!


2013 Exocet Wind SUPExocet Wind SUP

WIND SUP 11'8: Enjoy your 220 litres of volume but still feel the exhilarating ride of a short board. The step tail design is not just another fashion gadget, but a technical feature adding obvious advantages due the extended water line in displacement mode, as well as the reduced wet surface as soon as on the plane. The natural standing position is in the centre of the board,and due to the step tail it remains the same even when you catch a wave and accelerate. A unique quality making it way easier to learn paddling in the waves.

WIND SUP 10': Down sized from the 11’8 the 10’ is the ideal board on which to learn windsurf or SUP. The step tail (an Exocet trademark) is integrated into the swallow tail. This feature allows the board to take off and turn perfectly in SUP mode while still giving you the choice of windsurfing mode. The dagger option will give plenty of options in any wind conditions. We have added several inserts on the nose deck in order to attach a net for gear or life jacket storage.

2013 Exocet Wind SUP specs


Fanatic Fly

2013 Fanatic FlyFLY ALLROUND

FLY 10’0”
For lighter and middleweight riders, the Fly 10’0” is perfect for first waves through to charging big surf. A classic pintail shape guarantees performance and speed, while the lower entry rocker line means you’ll never miss a wave. With a speedy flat spot in front of plenty of V in the tail, this 10-footer feels like a shortboard with vertical control and power. A Tri-Fin cluster gives further options for drive and tracking in almost any water state. Comes in exclusive and light Wood Editions or High Resistance Skin (HRS) with deluxe Deck Pad.

FLY 10’6”
A board for a lifetime of surfing. Heavier riders or those who want a board for all conditions will fall in love with this timeless thruster shape. Soft rails up front and sharper edges in the tail give the grip and feel of a smaller board with all the grace and glide of the ancient Hawaiians. Thanks to a flatter nose rocker and more pronounced curve in the tail, you gain easy paddling and turning ability for effortlessly catching rides. A flat deck and volume out wide mean there’s balance and stability galore. What greater way to share the joy of riding waves with family, friends and beginners? Comes in Exclusive Wood Edition, or High Resistance Skin (HRS) with deluxe Deck Pad, HRS with lightweight GripDeck, or in SoftTop with Foam-Moulded Deck and Rail protection with High Density Slick PE bottom.

FLY 11’0”
This compact, balanced design suits either lightweights or heavier beginners with a genuine surfing rocker line and flat deck with volume out on the rail for stability. The low entry gets you into waves early for true surfing sensations off the tail. The rails are soft up front and sharp in the tail for smooth and powerful riding helped by pronounced V and a pintail for back-foot carving. Comes in lightweight High Resistance Skin (HRS) with deluxe Deck Pad, or with GripDeck, or in SoftTop with Foam Moulded Deck and Rail protection with High Density Slick PE bottom.

FLY 11’6”
Open the doors to the worlds of both Windsurfing and SUP for beginners starting the journey of a lifetime. Easy from the get-go, whatever your bodyshape, glassy or breezy days bring adventure in a super durable package. Our CAD system’s computed a genuine surfing rocker line that catches waves easily and gives balance and stability for any use. Available as either Windsurfing / SUP combo with sealable centre fin for upwind ability in High Resistance Skin (HRS), or as a standalone SUP shape.

- CAD-sculpted balance flow curves
- True surfing rocker lines with flat v into full-V bottom for riding off-the-tail
- Low nose entry for wave-catching and glide
- Flat deck with volume wide on rails for stability
- Soft rails up front and sharp tail edges for smooth power riding
- Pintail for maximum top turn release
- 4 constructions for maximum value and performance choice
- Wood / HRS / GripDeck versions all with Windsurfing mastfoot insert

SEBASTIAN WENZEL, Fanatic shaper: "Classic and easy-to-ride all-rounders available in 4 high value quality options. Choose from stunning Wood Sandwich, High Resistance Skin (HRS), super-value SoftTop or GripDeck!"

2013 Fanatic Fly specs2013 Fanatic Fly specs


2013 JP-Australia Windsurf SUPJP-Australia Windsurf SUP


SD – Soft Deck Technology with Center and Side fins
WS – Wood Sandwich Technology with matt finish, centerfin or daggerboard


All JP SUPs can additionally be used for Windsurfing (with the exception of the Race boards).

The Windsurf SUPs have been especially developed to equally work for both sports and offer an incredible range of fun. They all come either with a centerfin or a daggerboard for additional stability when windsurfing and to avoid drifting sideways during these very first hours of your windsurfing career.  These boards get you on the water at any time – for fun, adventure or for a workout – or all together.

Young Gun Windsurf SUP 8’10″x30″: The ultimate plaything for Young Guns who like to have fun in the water. Kids will learn how to paddle around in 2 minutes and will sail in and out in two days. You could call this the missing link of windsurfing and SUPing. It is so great to see kids, who have never been on an SUP or Windsurf board before, play with them and have fun from the moment they get on. The dimensions (width, length, volume) and the softdeck technology (no hard edges) combined with the centerfin make it a perfect windsurf beginner board for kids up to 40kg. At the same time it is  an ultimate all-round kids SUP for flatwater and waves. Get your young ones on this board and they will forget those electronic toys as well as the internet.

Windsurf SUP 9’9″x32″: This board comes with the same shape as the Wide Body 9’9″ x 32″ but additionally has a centerfin. This makes it a great windsurf and SUP beginner and family board. Its width provides enough stability for everybody. It’s also easy to paddle in rough conditions or through the white water. The special outline and its relative shortness make it very easy to maneuver and turn. It is so easy to paddle into waves with this one. A great all-round windsurf and SUP board for the beginner and advanced. Available in Softdeck and Wood Sandwich technology.

Windsurf SUP 10’9″x32″: The ideal family toy! A great SUP and windsurf beginner board as well as a fun board for the advanced SUPer and windsurfer. Plenty of length and volume offers extra stability. It comes with a daggerboard which provides lots of stability and makes it effortless to sail upwind. The daggerboard is fully retractable and folds back into the hull allowing you to experience planing sensation when the wind picks up. While this board is perfect for flatwater paddling or a first windsurf session on flat water, it also performs admirably in the waves in both disciplines. If you want a board for the whole family to enjoy, or simply want something big – you really can’t go wrong with this one.

2013 JP-Australia Windsurf SUP specs


2013 Naish NaluNaish Nalu SUP

Nalu 11'6 GT: Full body longboard design with added stability for everything from entry level paddling, flatwater cruising, and fun surfing. The 11’6″ is 5 1/2″ thick with full rounded rails and a timeless longboard rocker line. This design provides amazing stability for a phenomenally wide range of use. The 11’6″ performance characteristics makes it the perfect one-board choice for the whole family. Ideal for riders up to 250 lb (114 kg)

Nalu 11'4 GT: All-around design for classic longboard surfing performance and flatwater paddling versatility. The 11’4″ is a well-known favorite for both waves and flatwater riding. It has a thinner outline and a more progressive rocker than the 11’6″. It is a superb well-rounded board for most riders and delivers versatility they will never outgrow. Ideal for riders up to 215 lb (97.5 kg)

Nalu 10'10 GT: All-around, extra stable, do-anything design for touring, carrying gear, tandem paddling and small surf. The 10’10” features a radical multi-concave bottom shape that channels the water from nose to tail. The multi-channel bottom combined with the low rocker makes it glide incredibly straight for a wide board of its length. The wide outline and slightly recessed deck in the standing area provide unmatched stability.  The forward deck has eight insert holes for a bungee accessory to carry coolers and gear. Ideal for riders up to 240 lbs (109 kg)

Nalu 10'6.5 GT: A one-board solution for riders wanting versatility, stability and wave riding qualities. The 10’6.5″ features a new, wider Nalu outline, recessed deck and fuller rails for increased stability and wider range of use. The single-concave nose flows into a double-concave mid-section and V tail, making it adaptable to everything from flatwater cruising, to ankle slapper waves, to double overhead surf. Ideal for riders up to 200 lbs (91 kg)

2013 Naish Nalu GT specs


 2013 Starboard WindSUPStarboard WindSUP

The SUPer are Starboard's crossover boards between light-wind summer windsurfing and stand-up-paddle boarding.

As windsurf boards, they bring back the essence of relaxed, summer windsurfing: sharing windsurfing with your friends and family, gliding along the coast powered by a gentle breeze and catching some waves. As stand-up-paddle boards, they open up the door to the wonderful world of an entirely new sport: paddle boarding. Stand up, enjoy the view and paddle out to sea, explore the coast line and surf the waves. The SUPer range offers a variety of models, going from a fast glider, an ultra-stable model to a dedicated surfing model.

  • Starboard's crossover stand-up and windsurfing boards: our windSUP boards.
  • suitable for paddle boarding, paddle-surfing and windsurfing

SUPer 12'6 -the longest and most slender board It'll glide beautifully whether windsurfing or paddling and includes a fully retractable daggerboard.

SUPer 12 -the most stable board. It's a solid platform for even the heaviest of riders. Great for riding with a paddle or a rig. Includes a fully retractable daggerboard.

SUPer 10 -the favourite all-rounder. A great paddle board which performs very well in the waves and at the same time doubles as a cool entry level Windsurfer. The Silver includes a thruster fin set up and a retractable daggerboard. The Slick model sports a Thruster fin set up and a Tuttle box Drake Shallow 410 center fin.

SUPer 9 -the most compact model, ideal for younger sailors. Available in Slick only and supplied with a set of thruster fins, a set of sidebiter fins and a tail centre fin

2013 Starboard WindSUP


2013 Starboard WindSUP InflatableStarboard WindSUP Inflatable

Starboard’s new WindSUP Inflatables - reinventing the inflatable concept for windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding.

Available in four sizes, you can choose between the centre fin version and the daggerboard version. The Daggerboard version is available in Silver or bright Orange.

The WindSUP Inflatables are toolless: using Starboard’s proprietary FAST box and Clipperbox systems, you simply inflate the boards halfway, insert the boxes into place and pump the boards to the full pressure of 17psi. The FAST box fits US box fins and regular windsurfing mast bases.

These boards are seriously fun toys for the windsurfing/paddleboarding family, for schools and for clubs. They glide nicely, they’re safe because you can’t bump your head against them and they can be treated with minimal care. Drop them on the ground and they simply bounce.

For boat owners, this is the hassle-free board to have onboard. They won’t damage your boat and deflated, they roll up into a compact bag.

Design and Performance

Starboard’s WindSUP Inflatables are built in super tough and durable 6” drop-stitched fabric and covered in a full EVA deck. The 6” thick drop-stitched fabric gives the boards a lot of stiffness, making them feel rigid and firm under your feet. Windsurfing on these boards feels more comfortable and fun than any hard board.

Starboard’s proprietary FAST box is used as both the fin box and the mast box. It fits in the board without any tools.

The daggerboard system uses the Clipperbox system, a durable and bulletproof design that uses clips to hold the daggerboard up or down.

2013 Starboard WindSUP Inflatable specs


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