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2013 Crossover and Freestyle Sails

Feb 28, 2013

This is a tricky little group of sails that offer a lot of different read below and you'll be sure to find what you like.

Crossover: These sails blend differing levels of traits from freeride, wave and freestyle disciplines. Some are more wave-freestyle for tricksters while others are more wave-freeride for blasters who like to rip carving turns. Read carefully when you are comparing what each brand is doing.

Freestyle: These are incredibly light feeling and ultra-maneuverable pro level freestyle sails. Simply amazing.



2013 Aerotech Air X

Aerotech Air X

The 2013 Air X. It is a compact sail with shorter luff and boom lengths. This gives the sail a lighter feel and allows the full range to work with as few as two masts. This sail bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride and power wave sailing. It offers a lot of range on outhaul adjustment so you can tune it for your preferred feel. This sail continues to be the best value in a 100% grid model. The sail has the soft feel of the Charge, but lots of power like the Phantom.

Construction: This model features 100% grid construction, a new raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, and insignia tape reinforcing. All sizes have adjustable heads. Rod battens are used for this range. These are some of the lightest weight hassle-free sails available.

aerotechsails.com2013 Aerotech Air X specs


2013 Ezzy Legacy


Ezzy Legacy

The Legacy Series – an all new “stripped down” collection from Ezzy.

At the heart of the Legacy is the bare elements of David’s design philosophy.  The Legacy Sails deliver all the power, range and stability you have come to expect from Ezzy but with a twist.  We keep a utilitarian philosophy with the Legacy by removing all the extra features present on our premiere sails.

A high performance wave and freeride collection that delivers awesome performance for your more budget-minded customers.

Every Ezzy Legacy is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.

At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service.
Email us at ( and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

2013 Ezzy Legacy specs


2013 Goya FreesurfGoya Freesurf

The Freesurf offers an entry into high performance wave style sailing at an attractive price. Incorporating key features of the premium models, the Freesurf is powerful, light, and easy to handle in a wide variety of conditions.

First jibe, first jump, or just blasting along, the Freesurf is pure and simple windsurfing fun. Light X-Ply and Monofilm panel construction. X-Ply perimeter reinforcement.

Jason Diffin: “The Freesurf offers an entry in to high performance wave style sailing at an attractive price. Incorporating key features of the premium models, the Freesurf is powerful, light, and easy to handle in a wide variety of conditions. First jibe, first jump, or just blasting along, the Freesurf is pure and simple windsurfing fun.”

ECO Concept
Goya ECO sails make use of factory stocked Goya foils and cloth, hence not creating the need and impact of producing new materials. What that translates into is an economical advantage for you and an ecological advantage for nature.

ECO Construction
These sails are a win win for both you and mother nature. They are at the same time economical and ecological by making use of factory overstocked genuine Goya foils and cloth. Hence the need and impact of producing new materials is reduced considerably, saving energy, raw materials and waste.

This sail is available in the following color combinations: TURQUOISE, ORANGE

Reduced Head
This sail features the Goya trademark reduced head leech outline. The Reduced Head works as if you were adding 5mm of tail rocker to your board, making it easier to go around tight corners. Further it reduces head “wag” and makes the sail much quieter in the hands, which increases your comfort and control, meaning more time for you on the water.

Get the best performance of this sail with a Goya RDM Direct Drive Mast featurning Diagonal Flex™ technology. Learn more

2013 Goya Freesurf specs


2013 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreakHot Sails Maui SuperFreak

The Superfreak Classic has influenced the global return of vibrant color back into windsurfing sails and now leads in material development.

The SuperFreak Classic is arguably the most forgiving, easiest handling, widest wind range sail ever created.
The 9th generation Superfreak has a new panel layout that provides the cleanest SuperFreak thus far.
The feel of the SuperFreak Classic is very soft. There is delayed response as the Dacron panels stretch to absorb strong wind gusts providing a super smooth ride that is easily controlled.
The manageability of the SuperFreak Classic allows sailors the possibility of pushing their limits with a positive outcome. The large PVC window will not haze and it can always be kept crystal clear using any glass cleaner type product. Since the introduction of the first SuperFreak to Maui waters in the summer of 2002 this sail model has now evolved with a totally redesigned Dacron panel layout as well as a proven Kevlar 15000 denier ""skeleton"" usage resulting in a snappier feel and more consistent performing sail.

The SuperFreak Classic is all about self-expression. On Maui as well as around the globe, we have an ever-growing core group of windsurfers who swear by the magic feel of this sail. The SuperFreak Classic is an absolutely unique sailing experience.

The 2 battens directly above the boom are both 90% in length, stopping just short of the mast sleeve. This batten design provides a super controllable, luffable sail that can be powered or de-powered in an instant. The SuperFreak Classic is the best tool for self-expression and FUN no matter what your age or ability!

Superfreak Classic Features: The Superfreak Classic is one of the best built sails in the world. The construction is second to none, and the durability of the materials is legendary. All the edges of woven cloths are folded and hemmed under, all seams are glued and triple stitched. The mast sleeve can withstand having the mast break in two and splinter without damage to the sail. These are not normal features on ANY other brand of sail. So take our sails and punish them all you want, you will not be disappointed.

2013 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak specs 

2013 MauiSails Switch 

MauiSails Switch

What do you want to do? As long as it doesn’t involve waves or shore-break, the Switch is the most ideal for a dose of everything. Like to go fast? The Switch was race bred for speed and power in PWA Super-X. Want to do some tricks? No worries… Switch loves to Spock and loop and spin around. And jumping? Look out you’ve gone too high!

An interesting combination of shaping factors define the form as good for speed while the relatively short boom makes the handling in manoeuvres cruisey and smooth. Small yarn light film laminates and and generous use of X-Ply™  build in the durability and function. Tube/Rod battens through the power sections hold the draft solid and give the boost to get to top speed and stay in charge for blasting fun.

The bits and pieces:

  • Custom lightweight Gradient X-ply(SmallYarn/Light Film) laminate      SYLF … an imaginary being inhabiting the air
  • Low profile batten tensioners with stainless steel screws
  • INOX clew rings
  • Finest U.S. manufactured laminates from Dimension Sailcloth
  • Durable but lightweight padded tack protection
  • Brass wheel triple pulley for easy rigging
  • Unidirectional Kevlar™ reinforcement structure on all edges, batten pocket seams for non-stretch stability
  • Square cut boom opening to maximize height range
  • Molded PVC seam and foot protection

2013 MauiSails Switch specs

2013 Naish Moto



Naish Moto

A freeride/freestyle/light wind wave sail with a light feel for those looking for all-around performance and extreme versatility.

Designed with a moderate aspect ratio and a medium draft-forward shape defined by a single scrim luff panel and 5 battens, the Moto delivers solid power, early planing and jumping performance.

Key Features:

  • All-around performance and extreme versatility
  • Solid power and speed
  • Light feeling surf construction with radial Kevlar airframe

2013 Naish Moto specs


2013 NeilPryde FusionNeilPryde Fusion

All-rounder: lakes, oceans, waves, flatwater, cruising, blasting or bump and jump. The Fusion is easy to use and fun to sail. You can learn maneuvers, throw it around for simple freestyle moves, do basic jumps or lock it down and chase your friends. Fusion is forgiving, feels light and holds up well – a great sail for anyone who wants to enjoy all kinds of windsurfing.


  • Light and Forgiving through moderate skin tension and rider-focused centre of effort. 
  • Progressive aspect ratio: High aspect ratio for maneuver-oriented small/ medium sizes. Lower aspect ratio for freeride-oriented larger sizes.
  • Size-specific foot angle: Low in big sizes. High in small sizes. 
  • One mast and boom fit all sizes


Improved high-end control and stability by positioning the draft lower down in the sail.

2013 NeilPryde Fusion specs


North ID

Ultralight Freestyle - Wave

2013 North IDAbsolutely radical and effortless with the greatest addictiveness, the ID ultralight has hit the market like a bomb last year. No wonder as the signature model combines the best of both worlds Wave and Freestyle in a super lightweight sail range, which uses the futuristic high-tech laminate “ODL” from yacht sails instead of traditional X.PLY. This material is 50% lighter than conventional sail cloth and pushes the weight to incredibly low values. To clarify: The weight of the ID ultralight corresponds to a 1.5 smaller DUKE/ICE (e.g. 5.0 compares to 3.5)!

Instantly the ID ultralight is the talk on the beach. From the first second you ride on the ID ultralight you will have a broad grin on your face. It feels absolutely neutral, does not show any unwanted life of its own and is a feather in your hands so that you nearly forget about the sail during moves and manoeuvres. This is one of the most important aspects especially of freestyle! It spins incredibly fast through all tricks even during the most difficult duck moves and feels as if you rotate without sail. With the ID ultralight the success rate of difficult manoeuvres and the fun increases straight away making you automatically go for even more radical moves!

Designer Kai Hopf has compiled the ID ultralight without any compromise. Compared to ICE and DUKE the ID feels a bit softer and adapts to any rotation almost automatically. Not only that maneuvers are becoming much easier but also get performed with more speed. This is due to the sophisticated profile distribution. And all of this over a wide wind range as the ID ultralight has a surprisingly large trimming range.

Two important points:
1. All ID ultralight are designed for RDM masts, yet fully compatible with our SDM masts.
2. Even if other brands do not speak about it, we tell the truth: ultra light-weight can only be achieved through the reduction of material thickness. Since the film thickness of the ODL laminate is reduced to the absolute minimum, the UV stability is limited. Therefore, this sail is excluded from the usual NorthSails 5.year.warranty!


  • 01 NEW: PURE.PATCH.TECHNOLOGY at the clew, luff and the batten pocket ends make for 50% weight savings compared to regular patches
  • 02 Ultra-light for maximum handling thanks to the trend setting high tech yachting laminate “ODL”
  • 03 iROCKET, NorthSails lightest batten tensioner of all time
  • 04 NorthSails quality proof: only ultralight Wave-Freestyle sail still featuring a full X.PLY frame
  • 05 Ideal on RDM masts - still fully compatible on our SDM masts

2013 North ID specs


2013 Sailworks Revolution




Sailworks Revolution

The Revolution wave sails come with classic Sailworks stability and elasticity, they deliver squirty acceleration in a light, forward pull. Power on, to hit your move .... power off, to keep it flowing. Tune it full and tight for maximum blast around juice, or flat and twisted for intense stability and control.

Ready for rough and tumble riding with an optimized composite construction of three x-ply weights in bi-axial, tri-axial and scrim laminates to save weight where loads are low, while ensuring durability where stress is high and impacts are likely. All high tensile stress areas are Kevlar reinforced for managed load dispersion, and all internal and external rub points are chafe protected for long term durability.

The Revolution is an adaptable, maneuver oriented, all-purpose wave and freestyle sail.

2013 Sailworks Revolution specs

2013 Severne Gator


Severne Gator


Every size is designed to echo the demand of the aggressive freeride rider no matter what the wind conditions. The perfect sail for plug and play rigging simplicity combined with lifelong durability.

Progressive Geometry: The smaller sizes feature a higher cut foot and geometry biased towards wave and high wind bump and jump. Larger sizes have a lower cut foot to generate more drive in lighter winds but still maintain the light, throw about feel.

The most durable GATOR ever.  KS Optic X-ply window panel with 20% more strength combined with an HD Dyneema foot panel and a reinforced upper leech create our strongest GATOR to date.


2013 Severne Gator specs




Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro

2013 Hot Sails Maui Freestyle ProFreestyle is the youngest discipline in windsurfing and continues to develop at an astonishing rate. The Freestyle Pro has been developed in conjunction with our successful pro freestyle team of Bjorn Saragoza, Julien Mas and Paul Zeper. Our team wanted a sail specifically designed to take their action to a new and higher level. This progressive and dedicated freestyle sail has been designed with new school freestyle moves such Culos, Konos and new moves currently being developed, in mind. Our no compromise design philosophy enabled us to concentrate on easier ducking and instant power to lift the rider higher while delivering drive and control needed for the second and third rotations.

"I have been using the new Freestyle Pro for 3 months now, I feel a real improvement compared with all the other sails that I have tried. Everything is easier; More control, faster ducking and lighter. The sail is for me the lightest freestyle sail ever! Even if the wind is light it is no problem, you need lees power to do the newschool moves. The sail is quick to duck and it allows me to keep the power." - Julien Mas, F7

"On the water the Freestyle Pro is like a feather; setting up for moves is so easy with this super light and direct sail. As soon as you start ducking the Freestyle Pro, the top of the sail flattens, making it super easy to control. The tight leech helps you to stay in control and then the real fun starts when you push out for a Skopu or Burner, immediate air is guaranteed as you get lifted HIGH! After landing your first rotation the sail helps you to keep speed and it is almost impossible NOT do a second rotation." - Paul Zeper, H115

Freestyle Pro features:

  • 4 battens
  • Monofilm construction for lightweight and direct feel
  • Reduced mast sleeve weight
  • Lightweight Crumple Zone

2013 Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro specs


2013 Loftsails WavescapeLoft Wavescape

Freestyle and wave defined.

The 2013 Wavescape: a new, progressive multi-discipline design.  Wave, freestyle, freemove, freeride- the Wavescape makes your session an unforgettable experience.

The Wavescape is extremely light & powerful- the result of its four batten configuration,, weight-conscious construction including SUPERX upper body panels, and profile curve schedules refined over years of testing/development.

The Loft’s exclusive Integrated Panel Concept drives longevity into the Wavescape. Exclusive Loftsails batten sections & taper schedules extend the Wavescape upper end.  The combination is refreshing- a light, stable feeling!


  • State-of-the-art first-quality triaxial and bi-axial laminates
  • The Loft’s integrated panel concept
  • Stepped x-ply application; tri-ax reinforced laminate foot, bi-axial laminate mid & upper sections, monofilm interior
  • New batten taper schedules with extensive application of The Loft’s standing (stiff rear) batten
  • Standing battens-  The Loft’s exclusive stiff batten systems compatible with exposure to waves.

2013 Loft Wavescape specs


2013 MauiSails Loco

MauiSails Loco

Working closely with Taty Frans on the Locos is a happy cooperation. We experiment based on his recommendations, and then depend on his feedback to keep the sails on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving freestyle discipline. Only a Master Trickster can truly define the tools needed to do the wild and crazy stuff. Freestyle may be the greatest design challenge of them all because the demands on the sails to do more and more specific tricks are defining the outcome of project, but the result is worth the work.

We have tuned the shaping and luff curves to improve leech tension, making the sails even more responsive and further increasing the “pop” factor that the Loco is known for. The Locos instant acceleration, light handling and reactivity encourage you to try new stuff. Returning to the use of more film material in the upper sail body has been a request of the riders looking for the absolute in crisp, reactive rigs. Added colors fit with the radical performances and attract the spectator’s eye.

The bits and pieces:

  • Low profile batten tensioners with stainless steel screws
  • INOX clew rings
  • Finest U.S. manufactured laminates from Dimension Sailcloth
  • Durable but lightweight padded tack protection
  • Brass wheel triple pulley for easy rigging
  • Unidirectional Kevlar™ reinforcement structure on all edges, batten pocket seams for non-stretch stability
  • Square cut boom opening to maximize height range
  • Extra-wide Mark cloth window perimeter reinforcement
  • Molded PVC seam and foot protection

2013 MauiSails Loco specs 

2013 NeilPryde Wizard



NeilPryde Wizard

NeilPryde Design Centre and Freestyle World Champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven joined powers to dream up the Wizard – the ultimate sail for new school freestyle riding. More power, more pop, more air. Easy to handle, early planing and a lot of drive. You lead and it will follow. Works like magic.


  • Four battens up to 5.7. Keeps the sail weight to a minimum for optimum performance.
  • Tetoron luff-panel: combined with a narrow sleeve allows the sail to transition from neutral to maximum lift in the shortest time.
  • Even shaping throughout the sail body extending all the way to the top makes the Wizard extremely fast planing and gives it instant lift during moves.
  • Center-oriented profile makes for the best combination of low-end power and control.


"The increased curve in the upper luff gives good power and sail body tension while keeping the leech relatively tight and stable. This provides a constant pull throughout the sail allowing the sail to float neutral during ducking maneuvers, having good leech tension during clew-first moves and transition instantly during combination moves."—Designer Quote, Robert Stroj

2013 NeilPryde Wizard specs


2013 North IdolNorth Idol

Competition Freestyle - Wave

It was time to give the growing community of radical freestylers a new 100% competitive sail at hand that supports the creativity and experimentation of the tricksters even more then current sails. A sail, adapted to the latest trends and moves that are initiated out of the leeward position and need a lot of lift (eg, Culo, Kono). A sail that supports advanced and professionals to show there full performance. A signature model for the greatest freestyler of all time: Gollito Estredo!

Interestingly freestyle sails and power wave sail designs are very close to each other in many respects. This explains why Kai Hopf took the legendary Hero as the starting point for the development of the brand new IDOL and adapted it exactly to the requirements of the freestyle world record champion Gollito Estredo in a number of stages. The superiority of the 4 batten design is obtained (as well as on the HERO) primarily through the BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH that determines the precisely balanced ratio of luff- to boom length: As short as possible for radical throw-ability, as long as necessary to ensure sufficient stability for a maximum wind range. The draft being more forward oriented which produces a lot of lift to enable increased pop, thus providing more time and height for jumps out of the leeward position. In addition, the unique straight foot geometry supports all kinds of tricks and duck-maneuvers as it offers more "space". 4 battens, an optimized mix of materials. The use of lightweight materials and fittings as well as the new PURE.PATCH.TECHNOLOGY all together enormously reduce the weight of the sail. Overall, the new IDOL is the ultimate competition freestyle sail that, because of its origin, even works remarkably well even in waves.


  • 01 New: PURE.PATCH.TECHNOLOGY at the clew, luff and the batten pocket ends make for 50% weight savings compared to regular patches
  • 02 BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH luff short as possible for radical handling and as long as necessary for maximum wind range
  • 03 STRAIGHT.FOOT.DESIGN and forward pressure point for much lift with Leeward maneuvers
  • 04 iROCKET, the lightest of all time North Sails batten tension
  • 05 Exclusively designed for RDM masts

2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 year Warranty

2013 North Idol specs

2013 Severne Freek


Severne Freek

Dedicated Freestyle sail for explosive lift and incredible ducking  stability. RETURN OF THE FREEK.

In 2012 the S-I was the world's lightest and most capable freestyle/wave sail.  We took the best characteristics of the S-I and uncompromized the performance by creating a dedicated freestyle sail. The FREEK.

During the original FREEK freestyle era, it was all about planing early with deep, powerful profiles and high tensioned leeches. As freestyle evolved, riders started to perform in stronger winds and preferred the S-1 for freestyle due to its lightweight, instant response and manoeuvre orientated geometry. The latest evolution of freestyle has seen explosive, powerful moves where ducking stability and extreme lift are necessary sail characteristics. The need for a different freestyle sail is back. Return of the FREEK.

Dedicated freestylers will rig the sail with less downhaul for a tighter head resulting in maximum lift.

Freestyle wave riders may use more downhaul for more control in a wider range of conditions.


2013 Severne Freek specs


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