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2012 Buyers' Guide: Power Wave Sails

Jan 9, 2012

For 2012 will be posting individual Buyers' Guides for each category of board and sail to help you find the best board for you. We are putting each category together in one place that includes info from the manufacturers along with videos and advice to get you started. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to either 'post a comment' at the bottom of the article or e-mail it to us at —Pete DeKay, editor


The Power Wave category is probably the most important highwind sail category. These sails cover a ton of different uses. If you find one of the following descriptions fitting what you are looking for then chances are one of these sails are for you.

  • Onshore Wavesailing: Sailing in non-perfect wave spots where the wind is blowing the same direction as the waves
  • Bump-and-Jump Freeriding: You want power for jumping and a sail that will let you have fun in any highwind conditions from big swell to flatwater
  • Power Hungry down-the-line wavesailing: Heavy-weight sailors often prefer these sails for perfect peeling waves.
  • Don't Know what you Want: These sails general cover the largest wind range and are the least specialized so pretty much anyone can grab one and have a good time (especially with a little tuning).


Link to one of the other comparable wavesail Buyers' Guides for 2012 by clicking the image below:

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2012 Aerotech Phantom


Concept: On-Shore Wave

For 2012 the Phantom remains unchanged from 2011. It builds on its power wave reputation. With the addition of a leech cutout just above the boom there is an improvement in handling due to the shorter boom length. This sail is a wave sail first, but due to its stability and power it crosses over to freeride and bump-and-jump use quite well. The Phantom's ultra durable 100% grid construction and huge rante make this sail one of 
Aerotech's most popular models.

Construction: This model features a 100% grid construction for the ultimate in durability and UV resistance. Other features include; an anti-chafe bumper in the head, new raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, a thermo-formed base pad and interactive rigging guide

The UDL04 Technora limited edition version features the ultra light, ultra strong UDLO4 material. This cloth is substantially lighter and allows the sail to be 10% to 15% lighter than standard models. 
Designed for those who deserve the best.


2012 Aerotech Phantom specs 


2012 Ezzy Wave TigerEZZY WAVE TIGER

A light-weight yet powerful beast, the Tiger evolved to dominate in all wave and water conditions.
Whether charging the biggest waves in the world or blasting around with friends on flat water, the Tiger survives and thrives.

Wave Tiger highlights:

  • The Wave Tiger is a less expensive alternative to the Panther Limited, using more cost-conscious materials.
  • Both the Tiger and Panther Limited handle equally well in stronger winds, while our testers feel the Tiger has slightly more light wind power.
  • Ezzy quality and construction standards—the highest in the world, bar none—insure bomb-proof durability.
  • The Tiger features Ezzy’s own clear Spectra X ply on the leech.

And, each Tiger, like every Ezzy produced, is rigged and de-clawed in the Ezzy Factory before being shipped to your local shop.

Every Ezzy Wave Tiger is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.

At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service.
Email us at ( and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

2012 Ezzy Wave Tiger specs


2012 Goya EclipseGOYA ECLIPSE

The 2012 ECLIPSE is our world-wide power wave and maneuver sail. Juicy light wind power supply with direct delivery and great high wind control. The Eclipse comes in all x-ply and scrim construction and will last through whatever you take it into.

New for 2012 are a much lighter construction weight, resulting in a stronger and lighter feeling on the water, as well as a stronger, more elaborated built. On top the Eclipse now comes with more forward power delivery with improved high end control.

Jason Diffin: “The 2011 ECLIPSE PRO provides the ultimate in worldwide power wave performance. Inspired by the progressive and technical riding of Levi Siver, the sail is designed to deliver quick and stable power and easy handling in a huge variety of wave and freestyle conditions. Major advancements in materials and components truly make the 2011 ECLIPSE a wave sail without limits.”

2012 Goya Eclipse MonoECLIPSE MONO edition: More window. More oceanscape. Less weight. Less effort. For further reduced weight and an even more direct feeling, we produce a Monofilm version of the 2012 ECLIPSE, called the Eclipse Mono, replacing the main X-Ply window panel with 7 MIL Monofilm. It is available in the same sizes as the Eclipse. The clear window creates perfect visibility and a slightly crisper feel for those eager to squeeze the ultimate performance out of their gear. Like Levi Siver, who is using this very sail to make himself the Style Master we know him for.

The 2012 Eclipse Mono is also very desirable to use for Freestyle and Freestylewave applications, offering you even more lift than the original version, surpassing it’s juicy light wind power supply with direct delivery and great high wind control. New for 2012 are a much lighter construction weight, resulting in a stronger and lighter feeling on the water, as well as a stronger, more elaborated built. On top the Eclipse Mono now comes with more forward power delivery with improved high end control.

2012 Goya Eclipse specs


2012 Hot Sails Maui Fire PowerHOT SAILS MAUI FIRE POWER

The new FirePower is a power wave riding sail with great control. The new FirePower has been created to drive you through the waves and still have excellent wave riding control.

The top section of the FirePower incorporates our X166 super lightweight X-ply. This low stretch material reduces the weight in the top of the sail without sacrificing performance. The profile of the sail is perfect for heavier sailors with the draft higher in the sail and allow a wider range. Also to improve power the sail outline has been changed to increase the area in the bottom half of the sail.

Overall the low end is improved yet the sail maintains the superb handling on the wave it is famous for.

Features: Power. That is what this sail is about. You can compare the low-end power in this sail to a freeride sail, but do not confuse this for a simple freeride sail it is so much more. This sail is designed to take a beating and come back for more. It is not the lightest sail on the market, but it can take hits that big sailors will give it. So if you're a sailor who breaks things because you're underpowered in the surf.

2012 Hot Sails Maui Fire Power specs


2012 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreakHOT SAILS MAUI SUPERFREAK

The Superfreak has influenced the global return of vibrant color back into windsurfing sails and now leads in material development.

The SuperFreak is arguably the most forgiving, easiest handling, widest wind range sail ever created.
The 9th generation superfeak has a new panel layout that provides the cleanest SuperFreak thus far.
The feel of the Super Freak is very soft. There is delayed response as the Dacron panels stretch to absorb strong wind gusts providing a super smooth ride that is easily controlled.
The manageability of the Super Freak allows sailors the possibility of pushing their limits with a positive outcome. The large PVC window will not haze and it can always be kept crystal clear using any glass cleaner type product. Since the introduction of the first SuperFreak to Maui waters in the summer of 2002 this sail model has now evolved with a totally redesigned Dacron panel layout as well as a proven Kevlar 15000 denier ""skeleton"" usage resulting in a snappier feel and more consistent performing sail.

The SuperFreak is all about self-expression. On Maui as well as around the globe, we have an ever-growing core group of windsurfers who swear by the magic feel of this sail. The SuperFreak is an absolutely unique sailing experience.

The 2 battens directly above the boom are both 90% in length, stopping just short of the mast sleeve. This batten design provides a super controllable, luffable sail that can be powered or de-powered in an instant. The SuperFreak is the best tool for self-expression and FUN no matter what your age or ability!

Features: The Superfreak is one of the best built sails in the world. The construction is second to none, and the durability of the materials is legendary.

All the edges of woven cloths are folded and hemmed under, all seams are glued and triple stitched. The mast sleeve can withstand having the mast break in two and splinter without damage to the sail. These are not normal features on ANY other brand of sail.

So take our sails and punish them all you want, you will not be disappointed.

2012 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak ULSUPERFREAK UL edition: The UL (Ultra light) version of the Super Freaks utilizes a fabric that is 50% lighter than our normal lightweight Dacron on 50% of the sail results in shocking performance. Though the physical weight of the sail is nearly the same, the "feel" is dramatically lighter. Increased, gust absorption, lighter handling, and reduced momentum all result in the feeling of a sail .5m smaller. The UL can be rigged with much less tension than the Super Freak. This gives great low-end range and inexplicable perfect stability in gusty winds making it a premium Freeride sail.

2012 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak specs


2012 Hot Sails Maui SmackHOT SAILS MAUI SMACK

The new Smack is a highly versatile super duty power wave sail for all wave sailing conditions.
The successful and popular Smack continues with a lightening of the upper parts of the sail.

This power wave sail has proved its versatility in a wide variety of conditions from on-shore mush to side-off walls of monster surf. Unmatched for strength and durability this sail can take a beating and keep on going.
This powerful wave sail has an enormous tuning range that can handle wild and gusty conditions. The power is medium soft, and the sail is naturally quiet due to the lack of noisy monofilm.

The gradient construction focuses the strongest materials where they are needed in the lower portion of the sail and lighter materials in the top of the sail. In the bottom of the sail which receives the most abuse we have used the very strongest materials like 7-mil x-ply reinforced with Twaron® yarns and tough SuperWeave Dacron foot panel. In the upper portion of the sail we use 5-mil x-ply that transitions to ultra light X166 X-ply and then to very light Dynamic Dacron in the leech where weight matters most.

The optically clear PVC window is now larger and has a "window frame" re-enforcement.

Features: 5 battens still keep the Smack sailing smooth. The feel of the Smack is softer than most x-ply wave sails, yet firmly predictable in performance. The foot panel in heavy Dacron can be slammed against your legs with no damage to you or the sail.

We have kept a .55mm PVC window in the sail to ensure the ultimate visibility surrounded by translucent x-ply. So you always see what's headed your way. When you're in critical conditions, the PVC offer a crystal clear view, and that clearness will last the life of the sail.

Tunable sail shape is a strong feature of the Smack. This sail can be rigged with a lot of down haul if needed and not change the flutter free leech. When you don't want to re-rig, just add down haul for additional high wind control.

2012 Hot Sails Maui Smack specs


2012 Loft PureLipLOFT PURELIP

The Purelip is Loft’s hard-core wave design that excels in both onshore and sideshore conditions.  
Extreme trim-reactivity is key… Loftsails are consistently credited with the broadest of wind ranges in magazine tests.

Our Pure Lip 2012 evolved from our Lip Wave 2011.
The new Pure Lip is HARD CORE- no other wave sails are built like it!  The Loft’s exclusive Integrated Panel Concept: dual 3-layer clew radials extend from under the clew eyelets into the total x-ply Pure Lip body, creating resistance against  white water & shore break that other designs cannot match.  Pure Lip triple layer foot construction with total kevlar foot panels, kevlar leech perimeter panels and dual luff panel 2plys maximize Pure Lip longevity.

For 2012 the Pure Lip enjoys significant weight reduction and improved leech reactivity.  You can feel the result: the Pure Lip 2012 adapts to your riding style and your windsurfing conditions.
Express yourself with confidence with your Pure Lip.

2012 Loft PureLip specs 


2012 MauiSails GlobalMAUISAILS GLOBAL

The 2012 Global remains the design for getting the most out of what the world brings in terms of conditions. When you have punishing on-shore wind and need tons of power to punch through nasty whitewater and have to generate the speed to catch the wave, Global will deliver. If you travel to many places with varied conditions, the softness and controllable power will still serve well in side-shore or for blasting bump-n-jump.  Weight aloft is reduced by the use of our SmallYarn/Light Film laminate, and window areas of dual (5mil6mil) weight open pattern X-Ply™

Foot profiles are all slightly straighter, reflecting the use of the sails for smooth water freestyle, adding to the all-round versatility one would expect from top performing PowerWave sails. The Kevlar™ 1000 denier yarn skeleton structure adds ultimate strength to the attractive graphic design elements, are all considered to take the sailing loads and disperse them correctly.


2012 MauiSails Global specs

2012 Naish Force 


Target: Power junkies and heavier riders. The Force is Robby's personal ride.

Designed with a moderate aspect ratio and a powerful shape defined by twin scrim luff panels and 5 battens, the Force delivers exceptional acceleration, a wide range, and even pressure to both hands. It works equally well in both offshore and onshore conditions.


  • Ultralight Surf construction with Radial Kevlar Airframe
  • Draft forward, soft leech, light feel
  • Single Dacron luff panel, moderate aspect ratio, 5 battens

2012 Naish Force specs 



2012 North DukeThe fifth evolution of the DUKE. No other sail can cover such a broad range from Wave to flat-water Freestyle! No other sail adapts to all conditions and surprises with its versatility. To achieve this versatility far-reaching innovations and countless prototypes tested in different conditions were necessary. Therefore designer Kai Hopf has involved the whole team to guarantee that the DUKE works for any rider and any condition.

No wonder as the evolution from the 2011 DUKE never stopped. The main objective of the team was an even better handling to allow for even more radical freestyle tricks through a reduced swing weight. Kai Hopf has found ways to reduce the sail weight by approximately 10% without sacrificing strength and durability! In addition, he shortened the luff length, which leads to significantly simplified control. Also, Kai gave the brand new DUKE a more elastic feeling, which gives lots of confidence for even the most difficult manoeuvres. In summary this means: Significant lower weight and improved handling which makes the DUKE feel balanced in your hands and gives you maximum room for your own style. As a power wave/freestyle sail the DUKE works best on single-fin boards.

The requirements for a Power Wave sails and a Freestyle sail are very similar: great planing potential combined with maximum handling and good controllability. Up to 5.0, the DUKE therefore has been designed as a powerful Wave sail. Not only because of the effective TWIN.TRIM.CLEW it has the greatest trimming versatility of all our Wave sails and the DUKE can easily be controlled by medium-weight riders too. For sizes 5.4 and above, Kai Hopf improved the new DUKE strictly according to the specifications of our 4-times Freestyle World Champion Jose “Gollito” Perez. 5
battens, the HYPER.LEECH II and the unique foot geometry improve the handling especially during difficult Freestyle tricks.

All DUKE sizes were designed for RDM masts, but are still 100% compatible
with our SDM masts.


  1. New: reduced luff length and approx. 10% reduced sail weight makes the sail feel a lot lighter in your hands
  2. New: iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective molded mast protector
  3. TWIN.TRIM.CLEW allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use
  4. TWO MASTS.FIT.ALL: with only 2 masts you cover all sizes
  5. Designed to work best on RDM masts but still fully compatible with our SDM masts
  6. 5 Year Warranty

2012 North Duke specs


2012 North IDNORTH ID (5.4 to 6.4-meter)

Totally new, totally radical and built with the greatest addiction: ID ultralight - the signature model of Victor Fernandez Lopez, Wave World Champion 2010! As the name suggests the ID is a mix between ICE and Duke, which combines the best of both worlds (up to 5.0 based on the ICE design, 5.4 and bigger based on the DUKE design). The result is a super lightweight Freestyle Wave sailing range, which uses the futuristic high-tech laminate “ODL” from yacht sails instead of traditional XPly. This material is 50% lighter than conventional sail cloth and pushes the weight to incredibly low values. To clarify: The weight of the ID ultralight corresponds to a 1.5 smaller DUKE/ICE (e.g. 5.0 compares to 3.5)!

Instantly the ID ultralight is the talk on the beach. It feels absolutely neutral, does not show any unwanted life of its own and is a feather in your hands so that you nearly forget about the sail during moves and manoeuvres. This is one of the most important aspects especially of freestyle! It spins incredibly fast through all tricks even during the most difficult duck moves and feels as if you rotate without sail. With the ID ultralight the success rate of difficult manoeuvres and the fun increases straight away making you automatically go for even more radical moves!

Designer Kai Hopf has compiled the ID ultralight without any compromise. Compared to ICE and DUKE the ID feels a bit softer and adapts to any rotation almost automatically. Not only that maneuvers are becoming much easier but also get performed with more speed. This is due to the sophisticated profile distribution. And all of this over a wide wind range as the ID ultralight has a surprisingly large trimming range.

Two important points:
1. All ID ultralight are designed for RDM masts, yet fully compatible with our SDM masts.
2. Even if other brands do not speak about it, we tell the truth: ultra light-weight can only be achieved through the reduction of material thickness. Since the film thickness of the ODL laminate is reduced to the absolute minimum, the UV stability is limited. Therefore, this sail is excluded from the usual NorthSails 5.year.warranty!


  1. NEW: Ultra-light for maximum handling thanks to the trend setting high tech yachting laminate "ODL"
  2. NEW: iROCKET, NorthSails lightest batten tensioner of all time
  3. NEW: Super lightweight multi-layer sandwich clew patch
Only two masts cover all sail sizes
  5. Ideal on RDM masts - still fully compatible on our SDM masts

2012 North ID specs


2012 NeilPryde AtlasNEIL PRYDE ATLAS

Solid power with lightweight efficiency -- onshore wave sail.

Atlas gives power and stability with constant drive, allowing it to be used in a large wind range and variety of conditions. It gets planing quickly and has the best drive a wave sail can offer. Atlas is perfect for going upwind, pushing through breaking waves, lift for high jumps and accelerating quickly.

Key Features:

  • DEEP PROFILE: extending higher up the sail body, generating power and upwind performance in onshore conditions.
  • SURFACE TENSION: highest body tension of all NeilPryde waves sails for optimum response and direct drive.
  • RIDER FOCUSED CENTRE OF EFFORT: perfectly balanced power to ensure stability, drive and the ability to depower when needed.
  • PROGRESSIVE TWIST: allowing the sail to power up quickly in minimal wind conditions by holding some power in the head of the sail, while spilling any excessive pressure.

What's new? High surface tension stabilises the profile making Atlas a very responsive sail with a large wind range. Progressive twist will hold some mid leech tension for upwind performance and drive, while still being able to twist off and spill the excessive power when needed.

"With Atlas I can really explore my limits. Due to its explosive power and lift this sail will allow me to speed up, launch and rotate like never before. Taming that power is also an option – add some out-haul and it’ll be gentle, too."--Ricardo Campello

"When I use the Atlas in onshore conditions I like to have a slightly tighter leech and looser outhaul to have the sail deliver power all the time."--Philip Koster

2012 NeilPryde Atlas specs

RRD SuperStyle 


The new version of the Superstyle sail has arrived to the 4th generation. The ambition of this years’s version was to create a more stable profile with the addition of low end power on all sizes, keeping manouverability and control through a lighter weight. The result is a greater feel of power and lightweight, that helps imoproving your planning capability as well the potential of learning new manouvers.

Features: The new full X-ply body of the sail creates a great heavy-duty support to keep the shape in the right place on the whole sail, while the two new bigger lightweight monofilm windows, allow to save lots of weight in the less stressed areas . This also creates and very new distinctive look that will make any superstyle sail an easy –to-spot sail in the water. The full, powerful profile of SUPER STYLE will give you plenty of speed and control to get moving, carve hard, and jump high.

 6.2  185 457  460
 5.7  178  438  430
 5.2  170  420  400
 5.0  167  415  400
 4.7  163  410  400
 4.5  159  402  370
 4.2  158  385 370
 4.0  tbc tbc tbc 
 3.7  tbc tbc  tbc
3.3  tbc tbc   tbc

 2012 Sailworks Revolution


The Revolution wave sails come with classic Sailworks stability and elasticity, they deliver squirty acceleration in a light, forward pull. Power on, to hit your move .... power off, to keep it flowing. Tune it full and tight for maximum blast around juice, or flat and twisted for intense stability and control.

Ready for rough and tumble riding with an optimized composite construction of three x-ply weights in bi-axial, tri-axial and scrim laminates to save weight where loads are low, while ensuring durability where stress is high and impacts are likely. All high tensile stress areas are Kevlar reinforced for managed load dispersion, and all internal and external rub points are chafe protected for long term durability.

The Revolution is an adaptable, maneuver oriented, all-purpose wave and freestyle sail.

2012 Sailworks Revolution specs

2012 Severne Blade 


Refined power and control -- Control Oriented Wave

The Blade is a performance wave sail designed to create the perfect blend between power and control. This sail drives power down into the board through every turn. Technical materials maintain lightweight handling and smooth power delivery.

Product Ideology:
• Control orientated wave sail
• Unsurpassed durability
• Power centred low in the sail for driving
   the board through turns

2012 Severne Blade specs


2012 Severne GatorSEVERNE GATOR (5.3 to 3.7-meter)

Manoeuvre oriented crossover - wave/freemove/freeride

From the lake to Hookipa, the Gator sail range covers all types of windsurfing conditions from around the globe. The core principles are manoeuvrability, durability, simplicity and performance. The same applied design fundamentals, adjusted to suit every sail size, enable riders to take the same approach to their windsurfing, whether it's in waves or on flat water.

The smaller sizes are orientated towards wave performance and the larger sizes towards flat water freeride. All sizes are biased towards manoeuvrability but with the smaller sizes delivering more control and the larger sizes more stability and early planing. The geometry and shaping provides a soft forgiving feel, balanced power distribution through rig and board, neutral leg pressure and a huge sweet spot.

The demands of Boujmaa Guilloul and his radical approach are reflected in the entire GATOR crossover range. The construction is 100% X-ply with HD Dyneema X-ply in the foot and clew panels, new KS optic X-ply with 20% extra strength in the window area and reduced film thickness X-ply in the upper panels for reduced swing weight promoting an extra throw about feel.

Product Ideology:
• Full X-ply, No Cam, Wave/Freemove/Freeride sail
• Progressive Ride Geometry   -   A cohesive feel    between
• Manoeuvre oriented

2012 Severne Gator specs

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