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Formula sails

Feb 8, 2010



Formula board are 100-cm wide and run a huge fin...this means they need a large and specifically designed sail to provide the juice. Some brands build Formula-specific models while others run one line or "race sails" with the larger models (above 9.0-m) being for formula and the smaller models suited for slalom.

Read the descriptions and pick your poison. These are the best and fastest sails to take you around that course.

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2010 Formula Race Sails:

Aerotech VMG

Aerotech VMG

Concept: Race

The VMG is Aerotech’s all out race sail. This model has been tweaked for 2009 building on the winning ways of the 2008 model. With even more shape and double vertical shaping panels you will find it has an even wider range while maintaining the slippery feel that the VMG stands for. the exclusive use of exotic materials (and no monofilm) for the construction allows weights to be kept to a minimum and performance kept to a maximum.

Construction: This sail is built out of 100% grid monofilm and features an ultra light weight Pentex center panel. Other features include; roller bearing camber inducers, a thermo-formed base pad, a new raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, and an interactive rigging guide. We use a mix of carbon tubular battens and rod battens in this sail.

VMG specs


Hansen Formula HCL

Hansen Formula HCL

The result of an extensive developmental test program, the Formula HCL is the first production model to incorporate our patent-applied- for Hansen Compliant Leech (HCL) technology. The HCL system allows a sail to compliantly adjust both foil shape and twist automatically according to wind pressure and sheeting angle. The result is an extremely versatile sail with extended range that not only excels in light air acceleration; power and pointing but also overpowered gust response and handling. Of particular interest to the serious racer, the Formula HCL performs well in turbulent air such as found in large fleets off the starting line and turning off the wind during mark roundings. HCL also provides more options while overtaking other competitors and approaching marks on the layline. Added benefits include an exceedingly comfortable ride in rough water with lowered fatigue during long Formula events or testing cycles.

Formula HCL specs


Maui Sails TR-6

Maui Sails TR-6

MauiSails’ entry for the 2010 racing season is TR-6, the perfect evolution of easy to manage power and acceleration, comfortable handling, and impressive speed. World Championship results in Formula, and Pro Slalom and Speed wins are in the lineage of the TR design catalogue, and the feedback and observations of the competitors who test and perform with them provides the foundation of the development. Each year there is a search for the elusive ideal, and the TR-6 is our statement.

Small adjustments to the outline increase tip span, reduce boom length, and in combination with batten angle changes, make the twist even and correct for each situation. A flexible material panel in the lower sleeve evens tension and allows for slightly more cam pressure with positive rotation. Sleeves are smooth and the powerful lower sections are stable for high end control and speed.

The continued use of our custom load cell is developing a data base which helps us to maintain the same feel throughout the range and to make the transition from size to size and mast to mast progressive and dependable, assuring similar handling character and performance. By utilizing this scientific method of development we are able to define the tension required to adequately form the skin of the foil, bend the mast appropriately, and balance luff curve against twist. A soft feeling responsive wing is the final result.

Whether you are looking for superb light wind Formula with our outstanding 12.0, excellent mid-range Slalom performance, or maxed out overpowered Speed sailing, the TR-6 and TR-6xt will blow you away with its fantastic all around characteristics, made for sailing that is fast... and fun.

TR-6 specs


Maui Sails TR-6xt

Maui Sails TR-6xt

Whether you are looking for superb light wind Formula with our outstanding 12.0, excellent mid-range Slalom performance, or maxed out overpowered Speed sailing, the TR-6 and TR-6xt will blow you away with its fantastic all around characteristics, made for sailing that is fast… and fun.

In 2010 will continue to use ODL04 Technora™ X-Ply from Dimension Sailcloth for our larger Slalom and Formula sails in the XT range. Significant weight savings, superb durability, and World Champion performance supply the added value and make the TR-6 XT the perfect choice for high level competition. The MauiSails SRS 100% Carbon race masts and the super-stiff MauiSails Monocoque Carbon Race Booms complete the perfect rig package…l get ready to race and win.

TR-6xt specs


Neil Pryde RS:Racing EVOII

Neil Pryde RS:Racing EVOII

With a successive third PWA world slalom title and a new sailing speed record associated to its name in 2008, there can be no doubt that the RS:RACING’s unique combination of technology, control and performance has set the benchmark by which all other racing sails will again be judged.

For 2009, the PWA has changed the rules and limits sailors to six sails and 3 boards for the season. This motivated us to design new sizes with increased wind range and maximum control levels but without any compromise made on power and ultimate speed.

We are therefore pleased to release the new RS:RACING EVOII. You will find new sails characterized by a significantly more compact outline and the introduction of a very pronounced Dynamic Compact Clew.

The RS:RACING EVOII has evolved from the original RS:RACING in many subtle ways and we believe this sail to be the fastest, while also the least physically demanding to use, we have ever created.

RS:Racing specs


North Warp F2010

North Warp F2010

Improved acceleration after the start and during jibes, reduced weight especially with the bigger sizes - here comes the brand new Warp F2010!


   1. Improve acceleration after start and jibing without sacrificing stability or speed: Kai has achieved that by adding more depth to the sail most noticeable in the boom area. In the upper part of the sail (batten #1 to batten #4) Kai has replaced the cross seams with a full luff panel which enables him to control the added profile. The result of these modifications is an extra dragster like acceleration. Kai also reduced the aspect ratio (especially on the larger sizes) which results in a slightly wider and shorter sail. This longer chord also has a very positive effect on the acceleration.

   2. Try to further reduce the weight especially of the bigger sizes: After the success from last year where Kai had reduced the number of battens from 8 to 7 on all sizes up to 8.0, he now went one step further. Now even the big sizes have 7 battens only. This makes the sail more dynamic and noticeable lighter in the hands. Kai was able to maintain the stability through stiffer battens and improvements in shaping. In addition Kai has replaced the top 3 batten tensioners with our superlight Mini.Rocket tensioner, one of the lightest tensioners on the market.

All these weight reductions in the top of the sail have a very large impact as it effects the swing weight of the sail. As a result especially the bigger sizes got remarkably lighter making them less physical to sail plus easier to pump.

Warp specs


Sailworks NX series

Sailworks NX series

The NX designs are our most sophisticated sails: they are cambered, they have higher rig tension, and they deliver premium power, windward penetration, and top speed -- all with precise feedback and rider control. They feature a deep, powerful draft section down low and reactive, free-twisting leech profile for wicked acceleration and tight top end speed control. If speed and top-end control are your gig, then the NX is your rig!

Sizes 5.4 and 6.2 are for high wind slalom, and are cut for reduced diameter masts (RDM); sizes 7.1 and 8.2 are cut light wind slalom sailing and fit on standard diameter masts (SDM). Sizes 9.1 through 10.8 are cut for Formula sailing.

NX specs


Severne Reflex Formula

Severne Reflex Formula

With Steve Allen joining the Severene race team, the need to develop a specific Formula range has been highlighted. Strict design parameters have been set and the sails tested to ensure maximum performance.


    * Reduced X-ply panel reinforcement to keep the sail as light as possible, have been replaced with intelligent lightweight perimeter reinforcement.

    * All sizes focussed on foil stability with sufficient back hand pressure for upwind ability.

    * Power has been locked forward in the sail for increased drive and acceleration.

    * New leech twist pattern for increased wind range, better stability and lighter handling.

    * 9.7 - Boom length maintained for an improvement in board control during high wind racing

    * 11.0 - All round medium wind performance.

    * 12.0 - Powerful light wind foil for the earliest planing whilst maintaining manoeuvrability and ease of use.

Reflex Formula specs


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