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May 10, 2010

Author: Maarten van Ochten

I just came back from the Worldcup in Podersdorf. I decided to stay one day longer because after competition it was still windy... good for a sweet freestyle session on my JP Freestyle 98 and my Neilpryde Firefly 5.3.

An inside view of the PWA:
The competition setup was 7 minute heats with 3 minutes transition time. The Freestyle competition format was for 6 moves on both tacks with only the best 3 tricks counting for the overall score.

My first heat (nr 3A) was against French rider Julian Mas (F-7). The wind was quite light so I decided to start off with fast powerfull moves instead of waiting for the right gust of wind. This would give me the benefit of having some extra time in case the wind would drop even more during the heat. I sailed a solid heat and advenced to the next round!

My second heat (heat nr 11B) was against another French rider Leo Ray (F-200). Fortunately this time the wind increased a little, so I could go for some more power moves like Shovit-spocks, no-handed flaka's and Ponches. But after one minute the wind shifted a litle and dropped off quit a lot. But Leo Ray was still planing and throwing moves. Just before the end of the heat I was still missing one move on starboard tack, so I decided to take a little risk and made a really long stalled Chachoo in front of the judges. After landing the move the red flag went up and I had good feeling about my score.

Now I moved further in the elimination ladder to another heat (nr. 18A). My next opponent was Aruban rider Quincy Offringa (Aru-10). As I always train with Quincy in Aruba at the Fishermans Huts I knew this was going to be an interesting heat. Normally, we always sail together and push each on the water, so I was ready for more action. A few minutes before the start Maarten van Ochtenof the heat, the sometimes gusty wind increased more so I could sail powerdup with my Neilpryde Firefly 5.7 and my JP Freestyle 107 pro. I started my heat with a Ponch into flaka, a Shovit-Spock followed by an Airflaka, then a switch flaka over the other tack and a Bob one-handed handed over the starboard tack. Now I only had to land a few more moves on port... with a Bob one-handed, Shaka and Switch Chachoo. After finishing all my moves I was quite happy with my heat and I advanced again to the next round.

It was Heat nr. 21B and this was gonna be a really tough heat against "Vice Worldchampion" Kiri Thode (NB-61 ). Beating this rider in these kind of conditions you'd need a really good heat!! I knew I would have to take a some risk to be able to beat him. Kiri was sailing an amazingly good heat and I didn't sail such a good one ( as I did in my previous heat). In the end, the judges announced that Kiri advanced to semi-final and he deserved it.

Heat nr 21B. was for me the last heat of this Worldcup, which positioned me in 5th. place!

*Final top 5 ranking Worldcup Podersdorf:
1. Taty Frans NB-9 (Bonaire)
2. Steven van Broeckhoven B-72 (Belgium)
3. Gollito Estredo V-01 (Venezula )
4. Kiri Thode NB-61 (Bonaire )
5. Maarten van Ochten H-73 (Netherlands)


After the Competition:
After that we drove back home (with Steven van Broeckhoven  and Davy Schreffers) and it was a huge traffic jam. After arriving late the next night, I planned going straight to a test/promo-event from JP and Neilpryde at the Brouwersdam. Unfortunately there was not to much wind but a good atmosphere and enough visitors. I helped answer their questions and worked to promote the new 2010 gear.

Now back home I hope to train as much as I can on flat water and in the waves. Which helps me improving the big jumps for competitions like PWA Lanzarote and PWA Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

(PWA/Carter photos)


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