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Ho'okipa Jump-Off: VIDEO and more!

Apr 7, 2010

(Photos by Maxime Houyvet)

Jake Miller of Snake Bite Films not only helped run the ShadowBox/Windsport Magazine/ Ho'okipa Jump-Off but he produced this epic video capturing the true spirit of the show:




Levi goes big on this Back LoopThe ShadowBox/Windsport Magazine/ Ho'okipa Jump-off was won by Levi Siver with an enormous Back Loop measuring in at 52 feet and 7 inches!

How do we know? Thanks to the incredible GPS technology of the ShadowBox unit each rider had onboard, all of the riders’ jumps were recorded for analysis. These amazing little units can measure height as well as standard GPS data like distance and speed! Click here to find out more from Thanks to Casey Hauser (ShadowBox) and Jake Miller (SnakeBite Films) for running such an epic contest!

On March 31st Kauli Seadi, Levi Siver, Camile Juban, Kai Lenny, Kevin Pritchard, Kai Katchadourian, Whit Poor, and Russ Faurot all went out at Hookipa for one hour to see in that 60-minutes who could stick the highest backloop.  The idea was to test-run a jump competition format using ShadowBox, and see how it was received by both riders and spectators.  The 8 riders had prior to the event expressed incredible enthusiasm and stoke to this concept of using ShadowBox for a contest in the future, so we scheduled a tentative 4-day window to try it out, and on this day we made the decision to look at Hookipa first as the location, and couldn’t have scored better!

The conditions were all time.  Riders went out on 3.7-4.5’s lit, with mast high sets rolling through.  All riders were equipped with a ShadowBox mounted to their board and a GoPro on their boom.  Kauli hit the water first, throwing huge doubles, pushy-forwards, and backs, before unfortunately breaking his board and coming in only 10-15 minutes into the 60-minute window (riders knew we were only going to be counting a stuck backloop during the 60 minute period).  The show these guys put on was unbelievable!  The height of stuck backloops aside, every rider was going for jumps 35ft+, crowds had gathered and people were cheering from the railings and bluff!  It was carnage everywhere, with riders pushing each other just to go bigger and bigger.  Every big set that rolled through had at least two or three of these guys going full power at it jumping for the moon.  After Kauli left, it became clear that of the remaining 8, the consistent biggest attempts were coming from Camile and Levi.  Towards the end of the 60-minute window, Levi stuck a huge one to take it, way to go Levi!

Levi is awarded 1st by Casey HauserNot part of the original 8 riders for the test-run but throwing down huge were Boujmaa Guilloul and Levi’s brother Luke.  Luckily, when Kevin Pritchard came off the water, we were able to get the ShadowBox on Boujmaa and recorded a massive air of 62 feet and also caught his new move that you can see in the video!  Luke was also out there going BIG!

Following the event, Jake Miller ( logged all the GoPro Footage, footage from two cameras from the beach, and the ride data from the Shadowbox’s and edited it all in just one night into an amazing video featuring all the mayhem from the day, and the top 3 backloops.  Everyone came out to Charley’s on Saturday night where we first showed RedBull’s Windsurfing Movie as people filled in, and then around 8:30pm when the place was packed, we showed the Jumpoff video, and had an impromptu awards ceremony on stage afterwards.  Amongst the crowd was Francisco Goya, Scott McKercher, Jason Polakow, Victor Fernandez, Taty Frans, Peter Volwater, and more!  All and all it was a great night and great event, hopefully setting the stage for many more jump contests featuring ShadowBox to come. 

Jake Millers helps Camile as Kauli looks onIn the end, our hope was to expose a cool new product in a unique way, and give people an idea of a potential additional supplement, or new format, for competitions in the future.  We have also learned things for future events from rider’s and spectator’s feedback already, such as not limiting the jumps to one move specifically, and to incorporate more ShadowBox data into the post-production video than just the end heights, but also landing impact, hang-time, and more, which can be done!

Many thanks to all the windsurfers who came out to support this test-run event, and again, to all the riders who participated and made the event so incredible!

Special thanks to for the GoPro cameras and ShadowBox for the GPS units… and of course to Casey Hauser (MauiSails, Tabou) and Jake Miller (Goya, Quattro) for putting this all together and making it happen!

Check out this video on the ShadowBox GPS unit:




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