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Matt's Monday #19: Jibe Transition

Mar 29, 2010

The Transition Zone...

This is where it all happens guys! It is so easy to show you in person but explaining it on paper is a challenge! The smoother the water is, the easier it is. I will heavily emphasize this again… “you must be able to visualize yourself doing this in your head!!!” in order for it to come together.

No matter what you are attempting to learn, the best way to make it happen is to ‘see’ it happen. Watch other people, study how it is done and then translate that into your own head and make a point to walk yourself through it. Go through the motions one by one until it becomes natural! Every step has to flow and there isn’t really time to “think” about what to do next. I encourage everyone to do beach exercises of the “transition” just by standing there on the beach, switching your hands and feet with or without the sail. Think about having your back hand and back leg attached to each other so they have to move together— when you push your sail around, step forward with your back foot and reach for your new side of the boom!

Picking up where we left off last week, you have made it through your entry zone in fine form! You have speed and are traveling down wind with relatively no apparent wind. You are free to flip the sail and switch your feet without being pulled over by the wind! In order to avoid getting pulled over or thrown off, you need to be going the same speed as the wind—then you lose that “apparent wind.” Keeping that front arm extended forward towards the nose of the board, this keeps the drive from the sail going into the board and helps you keep your speed! You use the backhand as your crutch. You don’t want to have the backhand pulled all the way in, you may need to pull against the sail to help your balance if you hit a piece of chop or something..... So try not to have your back arm bent too much. It is also very important to have you KNEES BENT! Yes, I AM SHOUTING...

It’s now time to flip the sail and change your feet. I like to do both at the same time pretty much. You have to be the boss here as you are driving the bus and need to make it happen. Tell the rig who is in charge! It is VERY important to STAY centered over you board here. You want to MOVE the rig out of your way in order to stay centered. Do this buy pulling with your front arm DOWN AND PUSH the rig to the outside of your turn while pushing with your back hand to open the clew of the sail up. As you are doing this, STEP forward with your old back foot almost to the mast track… the further you can spread your feet apart, the better. Also it really helps to THROW the boom away from you with your back hand so that you FORCE it to rotate— this helps you be able to CATCH the new side of the boom. THROW and REACH to the new side. Remember, you are trying to stay CENTERED over your board and you want to MOVE the sail out of your way. Once you make this TRANSITION, you are on your way to the exit zone and it is all DOWNHILL from there... easy peasy. We are going to talk about the EXIT next week. Get this in your head and check out this little video clip of my brother Kevin executing a very nice jibe... Watch it over and over until everything makes sense!!!

Kevin told me he will have the video up for you guys by 8a.m. Maui time.... So check out the Blog on our website and feel free to check out the shop for anything you might need:

Three-Time World Champion, Matt Pritchard is sponsored by Gaastra Sails, Tabou Boards, Da Kine, Kaenon Polarized and Camaro Wetsuits. If you want to learn more and improve your sailing, Check out ALOHA WINDSURFING CLINICS on Maui. Matt has teamed up with expert coach and awesome sailor Shawna Cropas and they will be doing monthly all inclusive clinics that will guarantee results!

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