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Pro Quotes: Cape Verde

Jul 30, 2008

Author: Photo by John Carter/PWA

The historic 2007 Cabo Verde event set the bar to an all-time high for PWA wavesailing, so it was a full house once again for the top names in the sport on the island of Sal. Kauli Seadi kicks-off the season with a critical victory over local favourite Josh Angulo and wavesailing legend Jason Polakow.

Comment on Kauli Seadi’s win?
It was great to see. He has new sponsors, big money, and Kauli came through with the goods. That is the reason Neil Pryde went out and bought the best, and they got what they paid for. He definitely has what it takes to be World Champion. —Kevin Pritchard (Starboard, Gaastra)


Kauli is the best waverider right now. I was expecting him to win. —Marcilo Browne (Mistral, Gaastra)

Best crash?Boujmaa
At Punta Preta there’s always some good wipeouts. Boujmaa Guilloul was going hard out there doing some aerials near the rocks. It was pretty scary to watch. —Kevin Pritchard

Boujmaa tried a Goiter and literally landed over the rocks...scary. —Marcilio Browne

Most times on the rocks?
During the contest trials, Camille Juban went on the rocks three times within a short period. But the kid didn’t quit and eventually made it out of the trials and even into the top 16. What a great achievement. —Kai Katchadorian (Simmer, Quatro)

I saw Ricardo [Campello] on the rocks quite a bit and also Nik Baker, which is totally not like Nik. But it was good to see him out there pushing it. —Kevin Pritchard
Who’s sailing surprised you?
Kai [Katchadorian] sailed really well. He was always pushing it and sailing really strong heats. —Josh Angulo (Maui Sails, Angulo)


Thomas Traversa was just ripping. His turns were sick and his overall sailing was very consistent and intelligent. —Marcilio Browne

Many heats in the pre-contest trials bordered on being worthy of the big dance. Ten sailors advanced into the elite 32-man field of which four landed in the top-16. What a huge achievement. Watch out for Francisco Porcella, Jean-Babtiste Caste and Camille Juban inupcoming events. —Kai Katchadorian

The FlykatcherKai

Best wave?
Jason Polakow did one turn in front of me that was really sick. He was looking at Peter Volwater, who was in his way, out of the corner of his eye and at the very last second committed to the rest of his bottom turn and cranked straight up into the lip into a tweaked out air. I thought it looked nice. —Josh Angulo

I saw Polakow on a really nice wave before the semi-finals. He came all the way from the outside to deep into the middle section hitting the wave at the most critical part. —Kauli Seadi (Neil Pryde, JP-Australia)

Kauli [Seadi] got a nice set wave and hit a big aerial at the beginning. Then he took it all the way to the inside… very nice. —Marcilio Browne

Polakow hits the lipPolakow under the lip

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