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Easy Freeride Sails

Feb 7, 2010

Fun on a MauiSails AlohaThese are usually the first sails that windsurfers usually own for several reasons:

  • Affordable - they are usually a brand's price-point sail
  • Easy handling - these sails are designed to be controllable in your hands
  • Light weight - you'll have more fun exerting less effort on the water; however, if the sail is made of mostly "clear" monofilm material (as opposed to grid x-ply or Dacron) then you'll have to look after it a little more (don't leave it out in the sun)
  • Complete Rigs - most of these sails are available as part of a "rig package" in which all the parts arrive with the sail (mast, boom, extension and base). This will make life cheaper and easier.
  • Easy to rig - these sails are less finicky to put together than other sails (and if you do screw up a little the sail won't make to pay for it in terms of performance)

Within this group their is fair size performance range (some have better highwind performance than others); however all can take you from your early days after your first lesson right up into learning planing skills.

Aerotech Glide

Aerotech Glide

Concept: Easy Freeride and Long Board Race

The Glide is Aerotech’s most affordable performance sail. With its monofilm construction and powerful shape it offers excellent freeride performance at a really wallet-friendly price. With a similar shape to the Air X, it crosses over to many disiplines to suit just about any style of sailing.

Construction: This model features monofilm body panels and a grid luff panel to limit the wrinkling of the film during the rigging process. Also included is our new raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers.

Glide specs


Bic Core

Bic Core

Really performs in light to moderate winds.

Its modern design gives it a wide wind range despite the absence of cambers. With plenty of sail area down low, it's got plenty of power to get you up and planning easily, with a smooth and steady pull allowing you to get into the harness and footstraps comfortably.

With no cams it is easy to manoeuvre during gybes, tacks and tricks. With its soft response it is easy to control and simply fun to ride. Ideal for all our freeride boards and for making your first runs.

Delivered in a very practical sail bag that includes additional pockets for storing the mast and the mast base, and the possibility to attach the boom so that it can be carried «all in one». These articles are to be found under "related products" on the rig package page.

 Core specs


Chinook PowerGlide


Chinook Power Glide

Performance, durability, and light-weight built into one sail. Majority of X-ply material combined with Dacron is very light yet extremely durable. Endo-batten seam shaping helps to create a powerful sail that is tunable with screw-adjusting batten tensioners. Designed for demanding recreational sailors.

Sail                     Boom                Luff

3.0 Kids              130-133             321

3.5 Kids              140-143             353

4.0 Adult             150-153             376

4.7 Adult             160-163             411

5.5 Adult             174-177             431

6.5 Adult             197-200             462

7.5 Adult             217-220             490



Ezzy Superlight

Ezzy Superlight

The Ezzy Superlite is an entry level to intermediate level sail designed to offer entry level sailors a cost effective way to get into our sport.

David Ezzy has designed this sail line using the famous materials that are found in the Infinity and Wave SE series. Spectra-X™ can be found from top to bottom. This bullet proof material is incredibly light, durable, and easy to see through.

The Superlite sail rigs up on conventional masts and booms (not provided). Your local dealer can help you locate a good boom, mast, and mast base to outfit your Superlite with.

The smaller sizes (3.0, 3.5, and 4.0) are tailored as youth sails with lower boom cuts.

Superlight specs


Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak

Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak

The SuperFreak is Hot Sails Maui's top selling sail. It is the only sail like it on the market and it has NO COMPETITORS. It is a dream business model.

“This sail is not for everyone, and I do not push it very hard. It simply has a life of it's own, and a devout following that continues to grow. It is our rule breaker. Other designers simply state, "it can't work", or make up bizarre stories when their customers ask about the sail. They have no good answers why so many sailors love it.”—Hot Sails Maui

SuperFreak specs


MauiSails Aloha

MauiSails Aloha

Aloha is a word with many meanings; value, economy, friendliness, function… not to be confused with the Hawaiian word for welcome, good-bye, and love. You will fall for the super light five batten Aloha like it was an old friend, and find amazing value in the performance and function of this highly developed and tested simple RAF. One of Art Szpunar’s better graphic designs curves across the surface, bringing to mind a fanciful ‘M’ for Maui in bold contrasting colors.

The five batten layout evolved from the successful Global wave series and has been especially adapted to low tension settings to make rigging and tuning easier than ever. Added cutout depth is the key to getting the boom head correctly attached with a minimum of effort.

Aloha specs



Naish Global Freeride

Naish Global Freeride

Based on proven All Terrain, this sail turns up the Freeride volume with monofilm construction for more slalom emphasis, even more low-end power for larger boards, and new Junior sizes that go all the way down to 2.6 square meters. Great performance, great price, and legendary Naish build quality.

    * Construction: Classic

    * Purpose: All around freeride

    * Characteristics: Early planing, easy handling with wide range

    * Geometry: Single scrim luff panel, moderate aspect ratio, 5 battens (except Junior sizes)

Global Freeride specs


Neil Pryde Tempo

Neil Pryde Tempo

oyriders. get your ticket here. The new Tempo gives you all the highs of board-sailing without breaking your back, your brain or your bank. It’s windsurfing pure and simple, an easy rig and an easy ride. Better still, it’s a front row experience at a back seat price. If you’re an ambitious beginner or an intermediate looking to accelerate the learning curve, Tempo has your name on it.

Tempo specs


North Drive.Superlight


The DRIVE.SUPERLIGHT is an ultra light sail for a wide range of applications. It's balanced shape and very low weight caters particularly to both entry-level and ambitious riders. It facilitates the step to the next skill level, while assisting the rider in learning new maneuvers.

The sophisticated mixture of materials, in combination with the RIPSTOP.FRAME.DESIGN allows the use of an extremely lightweight monofilm, without compromising durability. Its incredibly easy handling is particularly popular among ladies and lighter men.

Drive.Superlight specs


The DRIVE is an ultra light sail for a wide range of use. It's balanced shape and very low weight caters particularly to both entry-level and ambitious riders. The sails facilitate the step to the next skill level, while assisting the rider in learning new maneuvers.
The sophisticated mixture of materials, in combination with the RIPSTOP.FRAME.DESIGN allows the use of an extremely lightweight monofilm, without compromising durability.
 5-Year Warranty: Quality guaranteed. To prove the superior durability and unique NORTH SAILS quality, we grant a 5-year warranty on all our sails (does not include monofilm)!

Drive specs


RRD Evolution

RRD Evolution

The whole new designed Evolution 2010, represents a real new breed of sails. The new cutout leech and wider head design allow the sail to twist a bit more than the previous ones and still maintains a great low end. The new cutout boom allow to shorten the boom length of approximately 5-8 cms, thus increasing the manoeuvrability potential. The completely re-designed foot area brings more surface below the boom to improve the speed potential when needing to close the gap even further! It’s a new design with lots of new features based onto a full well proven benchmark, developed over 5 years of testing. It’s great for everyone in any given condition to ride with pure pleasure.


The Evolution Sails 2010, the perfect and simple solution to all type of freeriding: speed and early planing for the sizes 9.0 until 6.5. Manoeuvres and tricks for the 6.0 until 4.5. What a simple way to see windsurfing again!!! You need more power? Juts release the outhaul. More top end? Crank on the downhaul. A great performance sail with the shape perfectly locked at 30% of the profile, and equipped with rod battens, allowing the sail to maintain a full, efficient profile even when sail is really flattened out! The Evolution sail features a diagonal stripe tensioner that helps the sail to twist starting from the middle/top part of the mast. A more progressive dynamic twist configuration that allows more speed and control potential. Everyone that has used the Evolution sail has immediately understood that these ones are serious performers!

Evolution 4.5 - Boom (cms). 146 - Luff (cms): 387 Battens: 5

Evolution 5.0 - Boom (cms). 155 - Luff (cms): 413 Battens: 5

Evolution 5.5 - Boom (cms). 165 - Luff (cms): 428 Battens: 5

Evolution 6.0 - Boom (cms). 172 - Luff (cms): 448 Battens: 5

Evolution 6.5 - Boom (cms). 179 - Luff (cms): 463 Battens: 5

Evolution 7.0 - Boom (cms). 190 - Luff (cms): 481 Battens: 5

Evolution 7.5 - Boom (cms). 197 - Luff (cms): 485 Battens: 5

Evolution 8.0 - Boom (cms). 209 - Luff (cms): 499 Battens: 5

Evolution 8.5 - Boom (cms). 210 - Luff (cms): 504 Battens: 6

Evolution 9.0 - Boom (cms). 222 - Luff (cms): 515 Battens: 6


Severne Focus

Severne Focus

The Focus incorporates all the core values of a Severne sail—durable, stable and lightweight. Built for the windsurfer hoping to progress in the sport and also the performance rider looking for a functional sail which doesn't break the bank.

Focus specs


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