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Keeping up with Eskimo

We were at Maliko getting ready for a down-winder when Mickey Eskimo rolled up in his pick-up. We stepped out into the road to meet him and maybe go for a paddle with him. He told us that it was his second run and that it was super windy and super fun. We headed out and took off as soon as we hit the howling wind line, there was no need to burn way outside because it was so windy, we could have caught glides two feet from the shore-break! I took off in the lead at first but soon Mickey was on my tail and then all of a sudden he was in front of me! Right away we started trading blows like it was the UFC! I would blow by on a huge glide and then Mickey would come powering past me again... after about 10 minutes I was sweating like a pig! Between short, uncontrollable gasps we shout things like: “Jeeeeez you’re fast!” Or “Man I can barely keep up!” (Most of those were from me!) It was a great time and I was stoked to be able to compete with such an experienced racer! Finally, we reached a reef where some waves were breaking. Mickey caught a set wave and would have made it but a jagged rock popped up out of the water and he had to make evasive maneuvers. Evasive maneuvers that included hooting and turning slightly to the left while falling off his board like he slipped on a banana peel! I paddled through a lull in the set and grabbed his board, when he swam to it we started laughing hysterically! After we had our gasps and giggles we agreed that it was an epic run. He said that I inspired him to go faster but it was me that was inspired. Walking away from today both humbled and stoked. I feel like I’m ready to race!

Posted: May 10, 2010 at 08:01 AM
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My New Lightweight Gear

Yesterday I went slalom sailing at Kanaha. I just got a brand new sail from Naish so I was super stoked to try it. On my very first run out I noticed a huge difference in the weight of the sail, their new lightweight material really made a difference. Now with any other kind of sail (wave, freestyle, freeride...) I‘ve never really thought that weight is much of an issue but with slalom it’s a different ball game. The lighter-weight improves your speed because you can really crank down and stay in a tight, sheeted in, position instead of having all kinds of excess weight bouncing around every time you hit some chop. Another reason why less weight is good is because you can easily roll in and out of a jibe. With my old sail I always had trouble with holding my sail down too long in a lay-down jibe. If you hold your sail down too long you will either go into a carving 360 or the sail will flip with the wind and when you’re using a big unforgiving slalom sail it can be problematic, it will usually swing you straight over the nose (very uncool). Needless to say I had a great sesh and now I’m pumped to compete in the Maui Race Series. It’s a great contest that consists of five events every other Sunday from June 5 to July 31 So if you’re in town during that time you should check it out!


Posted: May 8, 2010 at 07:49 AM
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Friendly Competition

Today I did a downwind paddle to practice for the up-coming Olu Kai race on May 15th. On the way to Maliko Bay (our starting point) we called up Dean Christener and Kody Kerbox to come along. When we started the race I figured that I would probably be able to keep up with them and maybe try to pass them. But as soon as we got around the jagged cliffs Kody was gone and I was trailing after him! I was constantly paddling trying to catch up, but he kept pulling away! I had to find a way to create more speed. How? By simply having more wind for glides. Thats when it hit me, I had to go to the outside where there was more wind and in turn bigger swells to ride. After that I was able to pass Kody but it gave me a big wake-up call. If we would have both been on the outside he probably would have won! Now I’m really focused on working harder so that come race time... I’ll be ready!

Posted: May 5, 2010 at 08:18 AM
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