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RRD TwinTip 100

Oct 10, 2009

Twintip 100If windsurfing is about showing off your style then here's a board that's all about making you look good in an easily accesible package: the 2010 RRD Twintip 100. The Windsport test team got it's hands on one at the AWSI industry demo in Hood River, OR and here are the test results.

RRD's Marketing Info:

Compared to last year's Twintip: "More rounded outline in the front and narrower outline towards the tail area starting at about 95 cms from the tail in order to give a better top end speed and a higher potential for jumps in flat water. Full double concave on a single V rail-to-rail configuration with small side flats, allow better tracking at low speed yet keeping a better potential for sliding manouvers." -


The Ride:

The Twintip 100 is a super stable board. In fact, intermediate-level windsurfers will benefit from the ease of getting into the footstraps due to the large amount of volume under-foot. Advanced riders might initially experience a slightly strange "raised up" feeling but don't worry...this is easy to adjust to after a few rides. This board will plane in very little wind considering it's size, but the acceleration is a little slower or more controlled. The Twintip may not be the fastest freestyle board (but faster than previous models) or quickest to react to gusts, but it is one of the smoothest over chop.


The thick tail gives the Twintip plenty of power (even at slower speeds) for carving a normal jibe. This added volume provides stability to help keep you dry regardless of whether things go right or wrong. When carving this board we found it easier to turn in a wider radius as the "full" tail was difficult to leverage against for a tight aggressive jibe. Anyone learning to jibe will benefit from this board and in particular, heavy-weights looking to a highwind machine will find their perfect match here.


Spinny-wise, the Twintip is a solid platform to land on and flows into it's spin a little differently than other boards. Sailors familiar with last year's Twintip model had no problem, while riders comfortable on other brands' shapes found it not to flow into the spin as readily. However, all testers agreed that with a bit of time any accomplished freestyler will be able to dial this board in for all the new-school tricks... AND anyone looking to learn their first aerial move (jump jibe, vulcan, etc.) will find an ideal mate in the TwinTip 100! This is a great entry-level freestyle board.

Heel gutterBump & Jump:

The Twintip has the ability to get airborne once you get used to the timing of it's "pop." For 2010 RRD has shaped "heel gutters" into the deck (see right) to assist in Shove-its and all the new-school tricks requiring a quick carve into the move; however, the thick tail still required some getting used to for finding the correct "pop" for these cool tricks.

MFC Freestyle Pro 20 


Bells & Whistles:

The Twintip comes styled out with Dakine footstraps and a real Maui Fin Company Freestyle Pro 20 cm fin. No after-market shopping needed with this stick! RRD has put a light-weight "A-base" fin box (like used in most waveboards) in the Twintip allowing you to move the fin fore and aft to customize the ride to your liking. The thick foot pads are super comfy but give the board a "raised feel" that takes a little while to adjust to.

Final Word:

The 2010 RRD Twintip 100 arrives with nice straps and fin ready to perform right off the show room floor. It will be best loved by heavyweigh sailors looking for a highwind board, anyone looking for a board to help them learn to jibe, entry-level aerial freestylers and expert new-school tricksters (but it may take them a few sessions to dail in the different feel).

Flat tail rockerTail vee

Vee with slight double concave at front strapVee with slight double concave at mast track

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