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Severne Mojo

Oct 9, 2009

Dare to compareWhat do most recreational windsurfers want from a sail these days - power to get planing before their buddies! Well, in 2005 Sailworks designer Bruce Peterson hit the nail on the head in this regard introducing the Hucker into their lineup as an ultra-powerful RAF sail (which also just happened to assist team rider Dale Cook in his need to loft 30-40 foot jumps in the cranking Gorge winds). The Hucker has done extemely well in the North American market... and now finally someone - Ben Severne of Severne sails - has brought this same idea to the international marketplace in the form of the Severne Mojo. Windsport testers were able to check out both head-to-head at the AWSI industy demo in Hood River, Oregon and look to see how each address this idea of "more power from a smaller package."

Bruce Peterson talks about the place for a sail like the Hucker:


Ben Severne explains his Mojo concept:

Suggested Uses:

Mojo 5.3Hucker 5.6Building a high-draft power sail like the Hucker or Mojo can lead to two very different uses. First, and most obvious, larger freeride riders (or really any size experienced windsurfers who are up to the challenge) will benefit from the ample power to plane and/or boost big air. A second use is these sails can also work for riders looking to plane with the smallest size sail possible in less wind. Both of these sails exhib the power or sails at least a half meter bigger allowing riders to get out ripping around on a smaller lighter sail. However be warned, if you are going with this second use be sure to pay careful attention to the tuning of the sail as you will get absolutely SPANKED if the wind gusts up beyond your ability. Recreational sailors would still be better off with a Sailworks Retro or Severne Gator for easier handling and performance.

At Speed...

Different boom angleWhen flying along the water passing your buddies on the Hucker, the sail's feel is quite soft and elastic in your hands allowing you to fly through gusts as if they aren't even there. The Mojo has a crisper feel allowing you to use the gusts to your benefit and the boom angle is also quite different than most requiring a little getting used to. The draft is more forward on the Mojo giving it a lighter feel and care must be taken not to oversheet it with the back hand while blasting full speed. But once accustomed to this slight "twitchiness" it displays more maneuverability for reaction to chop or swell. The Hucker's farther back draft position gives it a feeling of being constantly connected to the wind allowing for easy regulation of power, but also a slightly heavier feel makes it a bit harder (more rider effort) to use all the power to accelerate quickly. In many ways we found the Hucker to somewhat feel like a freeride sail with a shorter boom, while the Mojo resembles a wave sail but with a higher draft.


Both of these sails will help you sky impressive jumps but there are some slight differences. The Hucker feels great on any board capable of keeping up to it's speed and is also slightly better suited than it's counterpart to slalom-oriented double-strapped boards due to its farther back draft. The Hucker wants you to huck like Dale Cook (below see video of Dale bailing out of a massive jump from this summer at Doug's Beach)! The Mojo likes to be placed on a more typical bump-and-jump (freestyle  wave) board to go out and throw monster forwards with the highly placed draft.



The Mojo benefits from a slightly lighter and more maneuverable feel, but both of these sails rotate beautifully. The shortish booms on each prevent you from being able to blame either sail for flipping issues. The large foot area on both the Mojo and Hucker requires oversheeting if you are jibing at speed and their high drafts really let you drive the rail in to the water through an aggressive slalom type jibe. Beginner or "faint of heart" jibers should look elsewhere.

Mojo's cutaway clewHucker clew

Rigging & Tuning:

Hucker 5.6 Specs:

    Luff: 449-453 cm / Boom: 183-186 cm

Mojo 5.3 Specs:

    Luff: 432 cm / Boom: 170 cm

Our only recommendation here is that with these high-drafted sails you are playing with fire (or fireworks in the case of the history of Windsport testing trips) and if you don't do things right you may get burned. With either sail insufficient downhaul tension may lead to multiple trips "over the handlebars" (rather than anything else you might be going for). The Hucker and Mojo have been carefully engineered for max power within the recommended setting. Don't be afraid to tune them to their max downhaul specification especially if the wind is up or after the sail has been used several times.

Mojo's monofilm luff panelHucker's X-ply luff panel


The Mojo's forward draft and light feel makes it an excellent choice particularly for anyone more comfortable on wavesails looking to plane earlier and sky huge jumps. Any fast-freeride/slalom riders looking for added big-air bump-and-jump fun will love the Hucker. Five years of experience with the Huckers definitely gives Sailworks an edge in terms of its refined feel but the Mojo maneuverable feel provides a solid niche right off the bat with and we expect it will build off this in future models.


Final Words:


The Mojo is a more maneuverable power sail that will get you planing in as little wind as possible and help you sky huge jumps. Go to for more info.

4.8 Hucker's bolt graphics



The Hucker is a fast and powerful freeride sail exhibiting great control and massive jumping ability. Also each size of Hucker comes with it's own unique graphics (see 5.6 above and here is the 4.8). Go to to get your Huck-ON!





And the Challenge...



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